Pointer Pointer finds a photo of people pointing at your pointer

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/07/18/pointer-pointer-finds-a-photo.html

I could spend entirely too much time of my day doing that. Although I think I may have stumped it on my third move, but when I tried to take a screenshot to show the offending location, my pointer predictably didn’t show up in the screenshot.


This! This is a great example of what the InterTubes was invented for. :+1:


I thought it was for cats?


Something weird going on top-right? It moves the picture to align with the pointer, but go far enough and it moves the finger off screen.

No, it does that all over the place. It seems to divide the web page into zones and has a single picture assigned to each zone. It will slightly shift the picture to keep the finger aligned with your cursor. Just by eyeballing it the areas are about 30-40 pixels square.


I felt self conscious while using it.

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It works on mobile too! It makes for some nice symmetry as I point to a spot on my screen with my own finger and someone immediately points back.


Pretty fucking impressive

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Did anyone else see the headline and think “your pointer” was a euphemism for something else?

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Ah c’mon, how am I supposed to get anything done the rest of the day? :disappointed:


I wonder why it takes so long? I was hoping for Xeyes-like responsiveness

Can this be built into windows to help find the mouse when I lose it on a multiscreen setup?

“Where’s the damn mouse pointer?” ‘click’ “Ah, there it is!”


My Toshiba Satellite laptop has a setting (dunno if it’s a Win10 thing or a Toshiba thing) that I have turned on that briefly displays a shrinking circle around wherever my pointer happens to be, whenever I hit the CTRL key. It’s quite handy. Check your accessibility settings and you too might find it.

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