"Pokémon Go grandpa" has 64 smartphones attached to his bicycle

I was thinking it looked a lot like a mental health problem, but you might be right.
Let’s hope so.

Perhaps the person doing this is power leveling his own account to transfer later or is leveling other people’s accounts, or perhaps gold farming. I have met people online that were gold farming in games that I never thought would have any real world value or that transferring an account would be difficult, yet there they were.

Redactizzard, use End Democracy [and elect reindeer ticks!] I’m gonna get my Sarasota Gym badge! Then I’ll have enough for that one-time Parkinson’s cure in ACS Nano (really a lot of articles just now) and…where in Florida am I?

thank god he doesn’t do this in a car.

You’re probably right. Certainly casts the story in a less whimsical light, though, doesn’t it?

It does. Especially rare ones get posted on local Discord groups for people to run over and catch.

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