"Pokémon Go grandpa" has 64 smartphones attached to his bicycle

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Rollin’ and trollin’. He’s just doing it for the memes now.


Aren’t we all?


You know that famous meme of a guy working at his kitchen table drinking coffee?

That’s me!






Best comment (translated):

Wherever he goes, Google maps will always be red…

Also, looks like he’s actually called the “Pokemon uncle”, not grandpa, but it could be a translation issue


I’ve heard it’s good to have hobbies when you retire.


I’m trying to understand why you would want that many accounts active at a time. You’re not going to need more than maybe 8 at the most to be able to solo the hardest raids.

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See, using one cellphone leaves you open for a ticket, but there’s no law against using 64 cellphones. :roll safe meme:

No bike helmet. No mask. Which dangerous behavior are we not supposed to imitate?

ETA: this looks like a real time CAPTCHA. Click on the images of an oncoming vehicle.

I wonder if he drives fast enough to have the other side of his “smartphone windscreen” get covered in dead bugs.

Oh sure, Niantic had problems with folks using 2 Ingress accounts but this is all well & good?

I mean, in theory multi-accounting is a violation of ToS, but it’s highly tolerated. About half the people I know who play have 2+ accounts and no one calls them out for it. I don’t know of anyone getting bans, either.

I have a friend who is totally obsessed with this game. It’s hard to spend time with him, because he’s always staring at his phones, and always doing some sort of bs with them. I imagine this guy is the same. but worse.

That looks like an art exhibit more than anything. It’s just so impractical. If he rolls across a desirable Pokemon does he do the capture game on all 64 phones? Even raid battles would be a challenge with having to tap across all of the screens simultaneously. It also looks like the phones aren’t hooked up to a single battery, so he has to individually plug each one in to charge? Even if he was just running an egg hatching service there are much more sensible ways to hook the phones up.

The 15 phone setup seemed at least slightly plausible. This one is just trollface.


I’ve wanted to try it with two phones, to see if the pokemon that I see on one phone also exists in the same place on the second.

Reminds me of that saying: if a bicycle has too many bells and whistles it becomes a clown car.

Who is catching whom?

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Darn you, Skinner!!

Ah, yes, the qualified immunity defense.