Pokémon Go narrated by David Attenborough: "It is, of course, a bird."


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Are we sure this is a mashup and not David Attenborough really narrating his own game of Pokemon Go? I’m having trouble distinguishing reality from satire these days.


Where was that guy playing? There’s a Poke-stop every 100 feet!


I found this Church near my kids house that has a gym and like ~20 stops in a 2 block area.


I think they’re probably in Dublin, though downtown Austin looks like that, except for the Capitol which has even more density. Downtown Round Rock has a corner with four stops all within 50ish feet and a few dozen spread within an easy walking distance. It’s glorious. Also there’s a huge bat colony roosting nearby, so you can spot them flying around eating bugs.


well done. well done.


I know what you mean.


Gaah. I walked an hour this morning to find ten stops - and that’s in the right direction.


Wow, when you take off early and smoke a spliff, you don’t mess around, do you?


Roger Fucking That!


Hmmm. Thanks for the tip hack! It’s been rather hot in the southland the last week.


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