Poker malware infects your computers and peeks at your cards

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Malware is bad, cheating at cards is bad, etc.

Still, pretty clever.

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Clever because a classic con is anything the mark will be ashamed to admit - so they won’t run to the cops.


Considering how Doctorow was gullible enough to fall for all the Windows 10 lies (and to repeat them without bothering to do the barest of research), why should I believe any of this? He has lost all credibility with me.

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Yet another happy disappointed customer.

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I’m not the one who spread lies, and never owned up to it.

Stands to reason with the amount of money on the table in some online games that somebody would set up malware. The sheer volume of spam out there implies some profitability to even the stupidest scam.

Hey! You were supposed to be ashamed of criticizing someone on the internet, and stop immediately!

I am curious why the article illustration is a screenshot from a homebrew Atari Lynx cartridge released in 2010.

It’s the only safe way to still play poker on a computer? :wink:

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