Polar bear in zoo demonstrates impressive basketball skills


( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

I wonder if that glass is soundproof, or if the bear is subjected to hours of shrieks and squawks of visiting admirers.

I guess it wouldn’t be much different then a flock of seagulls, that he couldn’t escape from.

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Panda: “Kill me now.”

I think it’s cruel to keep animals like this in captivity…

Most modern zoos house animals that have been rescued, either because they were wounded, abandoned as youths, or captured and caged elsewhere in the world. Pretty much all such animals would either be dead or in far worse conditions if not for the zoos taking them in.

Besides the value of zoos as houses of refuge for animals that otherwise would be unable to survive in the wild or that would be exploited by less scrupulous human captors, there’s also the immense value of their helping to raise awareness and educate people. As amazing as the modern digital age is, and as easy as it is to look up pictures and even videos of exotic wildlife in the world, it still doesn’t compare to seeing these animals in person.

People find it very easy to ignore the plight of animals they’ve only seen pictures of, or only ever heard about, but allowing people to form a more personal conection with living animals, even if only briefly at the zoo, does immeasurable good in influencing them positively toward the concepts of wildlife preservation and ecological wellness.


The buoyancy of that ball suggests it isn’t a basketball, or perhaps it has something heavy in it to reduce its bounce.

Poor thing is bored out of its mind. Sure, it was probably rescued, but still. Poor thing.

White bears can’t jump.

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Because the bear’s wild counterparts in the Arctic don’t ever bored, goodness no. :wink:

Being bored is typical of the wilderness - you’re either working to stay alive, or you’re bored. Hunt, eat, rest, hunt, eat, rest… mate occasionally…

Now, enclosure size and the presence of other animals to interact with might be a concern, but that’s a bit different than available entertainment or stimulation.

I don’t know. Seems to me it’s having more fun than my cat is at home.

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