Polarized political advertising led to shorter Thanksgivings in 2016


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/13/racist-facebook-uncles.html



Augh, that’s disgusting. At least Photoshop pictures of him before posting them…


Well yeah. I mean, who wants to share a meal with a member of Cult45?


It’s why I didn’t bother to visit my parents last year. It’s just like talking to someone who thinks the Earth is flat. Just not worth the time.


Hey uh this is kinda more important.


The privacy issue noted by @jeezers notwithstanding, this report seems legit in concept and conclusion.

Thanksgiving dinner is notoriously a time and place where awkward meetings with the relatives you see once-per-year get strained even further by generationally exaggerated political differences.


Any correlation with data on domestic violence?


When we can sync that cellphone location data up with conversations captured by Alexa, then we have some juicy goddamn Thanksgiving data.


Is anyone more alarmed by the fact that cell tracking data are apparently good enough for the purposes of this study than by the fact that excusing yourself before Uncle Breitbart has had his 3rd glass is a popular strategy?


It’s about going home for Christmas rather than Thanksgiving, but I am reminded of James McMurtry’s song “Poor lost soul”:

Fighting with your mom, fighting with your sister
Your brother had sense so he stayed away.


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