Polaroid Cube: small, cute action camera


I remember when this was first announced.

I have absolutely no need of it.

But I want one.

Yup, same here. No idea what it costs or when exactly it becomes available, but I want one.

About a hundred bucks. I’m waiting to see video from someone other than Polaroid, their recent track record is… sketchy.

Polaroid has been a logo of easy virtue since the first Chapter 11. The second Chapter 11 probably didn’t help. At this point they are little more than the husk of a company smeared across more or less random junk in a hideous mockery of viability.


There was great fuss in hiring Lady Gaga as their creative Director of their Grey Line, which was never heard from since.

A damn shame, but what can you expect from the kind of people who would force out Land and then sell off parts as quickly as possible?

“A logo of easy virtue” is a phrase I’m going to use a lot more often regarding them, nice one.

If I remember correctly the post-bankruptcy Polaroid story is a chop-shop-capitalist horrorshow of private equity outfits and trademark vultures looking for a once recognized brand to pick up on the cheap. If there was ever an intention of trying to run the company rather than parting it out as profitably as possible(not for the employees or original shareholders of course) it was early and over fairly quickly.

I have to wonder what sort of offer got her into that project in the first place. It must have had the scent of unburied death about it even before it was agreed upon.

It appears that the second revitalization has a somewhat smarter long-term air about it. Getting rid of Petters (or, having him get rid of himself…) opened the door for making long-term deals and a slightly better brand quality.

The realization that instant film is still a viable market and watching Impossible, Fuji, and Lomo run rampant through the pool of hipster money has hopefully made them re-think a lot of what is possible.

Coming in August 2014. They’re running out of time.

I heard they’re now owned outright by the Schienhart wig company.

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