Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined


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Good. Marihuana is the most dangerous danger facing our country today, since it’s the Gateway Drug that leads to everything else.


Right. We wouldn’t want people tempted into becoming dependent on harmful substances.

Oh, looks like you’re empty. Next round of boilermakers is on me.
And do you need me to light your cigarette?





The UK made cannabis illegal under US pressure. At the time the tabloid newspapers represented it as one of the evils being brought over by Caribbean immigrants (you know, the people coming to work in our NHS and drive buses in London - typical lazy druggies coming here for our benefits)*
The UK had quite a rational approach to drugs, including heroin, till the US demanded we clamp down. Which is why it is now so bizarre that the enlightened bits of the US are legalising marijuana while the British government is still fighting a war on drugs - which is increasingly being ignored by our own police forces.

*in case it’s necessary, warning: post may contain irony. Or nuts.


I’m glad someone agrees with me on this. Marijuana is so dangerous that it causes half of all violent crime and smells like alcohol - and shows up as alcohol in Breathalyzer tests. Don’t be fooled! Alcohol is legal, so it is clearly innocent and benign! Whereas marijuana is mostly illegal, so it must be dangerous, or it wouldn’t be illegal. (Circular reasoning is the best kind of reasoning, because it’s circular.)


Also alcohol is a natural product which grows on trees and so must be OK, while cannabis…excuse me, a little derailed there.

Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined

Seriously? Has the incidence of violent crime declined that sharply? Wow.

File this one under uplifting news.


The T in the typeface on that picture is making my brain itch. Whyyyyyyy would you do that? Agh!


It is at least partialy responsible for the obesity epidemic. And things like nasty flavored Doritos.

The rest not directed at the person replied to.

“Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined”

Let that sink in. We obviously are focused on the wrong damn thing. In another thread I hear “lock up people who use guns for violence”. We can’t! The jails are too full of drug users.


I don’t think that very many people on this site are going to argue against the idea that “The jails are too full of drug users.”


Well I think it just goes to show we need more violent crime. C’mon guys, get busy, you’re not doing your part!


Thanks for that. I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. Now I’m infected.


I’ve noticed that birth precedes all illicit drug use.

We should prohibit birth immediately!


Crime rates have been going down since the early 90’s, but cops still need to arrest people, because, you know . . . job security.


Wha+’s +he problem?


Note how successfully I’m resisting the temptation to make a joke about the real gateway drug being oxygen dihydride.


Oxygen dihydride?

What about the more volatile Diatomic Oxygen?

It’s potent enough to corrode iron, it reacts violently with many household products, it binds to cells in the bloodstream, and you’re breathing some in right now.


From America, can I say…