Police arrest North Carolina man for distributing voting rights leaflets



Reason for arrest: resisting arrest.

There is a soviet russia joke buried somewhere …


Ok, so he was putting leaflets on cars, which is against some local ordinance. The sort of thing people very rarely get cited for, so why is he being arrested? Oh, he’s black, and it’s North Carolina… sigh. Dammit, America.


No, there isn’t a hidden joke.

This is far from the first time this has happened. The people who should vote, you see, already know their voting rights. It follows by logic that anybody distributing so-called “voting rights literature” must be encouraging voter fraud and must be stopped. QED.


How about because he wasn’t listening to anything the police told him? If he was actually trying to cooperate, or at least have a two way dialog, then perhaps things wouldn’t have escalated. I can’t just decide to not pull over when a police officer is behind me with his blue lights flashing, because of someone arbitrary reason I feel I have.


And lets guess what political party he was campaigning for? And lets guess what would happen to a white republican doing the same thing. A few years ago I caught a right wing republican hanging campaign literature on my own and other rural mailboxes. I told the woman to stop, that her actions were illegal. She laughed it off and continued driving around hanging them. I reported it to the post office who said they would “look into it”…guess how that worked.

If a defense fund comes up for this guy I hope it gets posted so we can help him.


He probably won’t need defending. Like peaceful protestors, these folks rarely go to trial, because the DA knows the charges are bogus. They spend a night in jail, and once the message is clear they can go home.


From the video the shirt he was wearing appears to be for Eric Montgomery:


I have a sick enjoyment of these jokes, so here’s a try:

“In American Incestistan, resistance arrests you.”


Forget his politics and race, I support the arrest of anyone leaving trash on other peoples property.

That the law is only selectively enforced is another issue.


And there is your fascism.

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I think the problem here is that if you turn the phrase around you get exactly the same thing.

It’s interesting when “listen” means “submit.” Failure to listen is no crime. Failure to demonstrate submission… well, that’s often punished most severely.


It’s buried inside a soviet russia joke.


The one thing the cops did not want was to have a conversation with him. They wanted him to roll over and submit, not question. They punished him for that.


In Soviet Russia, arrest resists YOU!


Yo sobaka…

So give me the alternative? How was this suppose to play out if he was breaking an ordinance? The police were just suppose to say, “We’re sorry for bothering you while breaking local laws, we will leave you alone now?” At the point where this video started he wasn’t listening, obeying, submitting, or whatever you’d like to call it (I’ll call it being a rational adult) to anything the police had to say. What was the alternative outcome in this situation.

Now there have been plenty of videos on BB where police have certainly over stepped their bounds, and I’m all for seeing something done in those situations. But this, here, nope - if he acted this way to me I’d walk away, but then again it’s not my job to deal with someone that might be breaking the law.


Make enough things illegal so it is fairly impossible to not transgress some laws. Then enforce the laws with appropriate selectivity. And then there will even be some law-worshippers who will applaud the enforcers because the conduct is “against The Law”…


Funnily enough, I’m currently reading Matt Taibbi’s The Divide and it’s all (well, half) about this. Arresting people for ‘obstructing pedestrian traffic’ while standing outside their house at 1am.