Police dashcam video of Florida driver cited for "I EAT ASS" window sticker

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Is this a reboing? Very well, we reboing!


Test have been run.
That sticker in no way assures that he will have more ass to eat.


Ok, goat I kinda get being edible, but ass??

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Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ass



From the ACLU:

Obscenity: “Obscene” material has historically been excluded from First Amendment protection, which has led to the official banning of such classics as James Joyce’s Ulysses and D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover, as well as the criminal prosecution of countless publishers, book distributors, storekeepers, film distributors and artists. But in the 1973 case of ‘Miller v. California’, the Court re-examined the issue and established a standard for determining whether material is obscene. The Court ruled that material is legally obscene if: (1) the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would conclude that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to prurient interests; (2) it depicts sexually explicit conduct, specifically defined by law, in a patently offensive manner; and (3) it lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. The ‘Miller’ test is still the law today

I can see how the cop takes this literally. I don’t like it, but I understand.
What I really don’t appreciate how he tries to put the onus on the driver for how he should deal with explaining unfortunate experiences to his own children. Dude, be a parent, not a sensory deprivation monitor.


“Okay, so some ten year old little kids in the passenger seat of his mama’s vehicle looks over and reads ‘I eat ass’ and asks his mom what it means. How she gonna explain that?”

“Well, son, there’s this thing called the 1st Amendment…”


‘Vulgar’ is not the same as ‘derogatory’ you ignorant ass-officer*.

* This was both.

ETA: Also, while listening to this idiot ‘vulgar’ is also not the same as ‘obscene’. “Ass” is, in my opinion, the former but not the latter.


What I don’t get is why the cop felt it necessary to charge him twice for the same offense - the “resisting an officer” charge was due to his failure to remove the sticker, but “possession of obscene material” was also due to his failure to remove the sticker…


The cop felt his inability to explain adult words to his own children to be a basis for enforcing the law against a third party. I don’t think he brought rational reasoning into his decision-making process.


It’s a classic tactic to over charge, so when it comes time to go to court, the prosecutor will have a couple bogus, redundant charges to toss out. This allows the prosecutor to claim he’s trying to compromise. In other words. it’s some bogus bullshit.



When the judge tosses this bs charge (and I’m sure this will be tossed, even in Florida), he needs to verbally rip the cop a new asshole, but I’m sure he won’t.


It stands for “I eat associations.” Nothing obscene about that.

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I hear it tastes like veal, and is a regional specialty in Baoding.

Perhaps it would catch on in America if they named a donkey burger chain “Assmunchers.”

I don’t know if donkeys benefit from the same sympathy that keeps horse steak off the menu here.


I think point blank I don’t really want to see that on someone’s car. Any more than I want to see the hanging ball sack trailer hitch thing. Or Calvin pissing on a car maker logo. Or a confederate flag sticker. Or a host of other things we see that can be tough to discuss or outright offensive on people’s vehicles.

Impounding his truck and arresting him seems overstepping for something fairly mild on the “vulgar” scale in my book. “Dad what’s that mean?”… “it’s an adult thing kiddo”. Not difficult to address at all.


Our puppy never stops eating ass.


I have a similar sticker, but it says “I EAT ASSORTED CHEESES”.

I’m going to make some overdue modifications.


I really feel like this should be a Duke Nukem quote, cause I’m all out of bubble gum.


I am having a get-off-my-grass moment here. Is eating ass really as prevalent as the internet and this guy’s truck make it seem? It seems like a great way to lose your lips to a staph infection.

Stupid that he’s in trouble with the law over it, though. He’s welcome to do whatever he wants with whomever is willing, and if he thinks it will improve his life to advertise it on his truck, more power to him. At the end of the day, what’s really the difference between this and tapping a Congressman’s foot under the stall in a public restroom?