Federal court rules that air fresheners and pro-cop stickers are a reason to pull you over

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Because you know, drugs are worse than the erosion of our liberties and nosy cops.

Don’t worry, I’ll never have a pro-cop bumper-sticker.


How about ‘Fuck the Police’ stickers?


those would be a reason to kill you…?


I don’t care if it rains or freezes…


Read: If a cop wants to pull you over, there will be a justification for it, however flimsy and transparent. The courts fully support the right of the law enforcement caste to be able to enact their power trips whenever and however they wish.


Jesus, and I thought “switching lanes without signaling” was about as bullshit reason as there could be. A Pro-Police sticker? Why, because it’s evidence you’re too stupid to drive???


While I’m all for police reform on this stuff, folks should remember the place you are going to vindicate your rights are – if at all – in court. I clerked for a federal appeals judge after law school and there were many cases where, if the drug mule had just not consented to a search, the district court would have had to have disallowed the search. But the guys always say “yes” because, alas, they don’t know better or get intimidated into consenting.

One of the most common tricks is for the police to stop an out-of-state car for some local infraction that’s usually only an infraction after 90 days (e.g., you can’t have tinted windows on a car in Nebraska if it’s there for 91+ days, so the police will pull folks over for that “violation” and then use that as an excuse to get the guy to consent. But if the fellow asserts his rights against a search, you can often preclude the use of the search, because the stated reason to pull them over isn’t a crime and can’t support the suspicion)


Great if you have money to spend on a lawyer to argue that point. Not so great if you’re poor or that money was seized in asset-forfeiture. I hate to say it, but the way the most vulnerable people can lose a case “by default” in our justice system is evidence that it’s broken.


Federal court rules that operating a vehicle is a reason to pull you over.


Screw the air freshener angle… What about?

didn’t find drugs, but he found cash, which he confiscated. The driver was sent to jail.

No drugs but they took his cash and locked him up! What was the crime committed? He had too much cash in his car to be considered legal… But here’s the thing, no law says you can’t carry millions in cash on you at all times. But this guy had over $600K and the cops wanted a big payday.

But there is precedent http://thenewspaper.com/news/12/1296.asp

For those who worry about legislating from the bench, this is as clear cut a case as you will find.


When I was in college I kept the palm leaf from a palm sunday mass hanging over the mirror of my car for a few months after. Got pulled over and was told that it was illegal to have anything hanging on the mirror. Pointed out that (at that time) tons of people had dice hanging from the mirror. Got a shrug. “Still not legal”.

At the time I was just astonished that they would pull over someone for that. In hindsight I was pulled over for being a young long haired hippy driving an older model rust bucket. It’s positively astonishing how less often I got pulled over or searched at the border once I cut my hair and got a newer car.

Pro cop sticker makes you suspicious. Anti cop sticker makes you suspicious. No cop sticker makes you look like you’re hiding something. Surprised the courts even bother saying what’s legal or not anymore, since the cops are going to find a way to do what they want anyway.

I guess the logical reaction to this is to keep your car as stinky as possible. Don’t shower for weeks, keep the heater on high, and eat gassy foods. Make the officer beg you to roll your window back up.


Years ago there was a case in the next town to me (Burnley, Lancs. in case anyone cares). Two old ladies on their way home from a church event were pulled over for traveling UNDER the speed limit. Cop said that somebody doing 29 in a 30 was suspicious.

So basically anything and everything is an excuse for cops to pull you over.


See this is where your tyranny is coming from - local and state cops.

Not Obama declaring Martial law.


So when I get phone calls from people seeking donations to some law-enforcement-related charity, is that just a trick so they can arrest me if I say “yes?”


Comes from the top down - big criminals setting the example for the little criminals

I guess the Pro-Cop stickers are suspicious because only a psychopath could trust the police or be pro-cop at this point?



I saw a guy get out of a search that way in Munich - where there is, or at least was at the time, no requirement for probably cause for a search. The cops could and did search people for no reason, openly admitting that the reason they stopped you was that you were young, or brown, or had just gone to the gas station where it was remotely conceivable you had met a drug dealer.

It was a hot day. The first pocket the cop opened had a half-eaten chocolate bar that had escaped from its wrapper. The cop did not search the rest of the bag - had he done so, as the fellow confided to me afterward, he might have found his stash…


Any ideas on how we stop them from acting like this. Why is it that cops only know escalate mode? Are they trained to be like this?

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