Police called to remove heckler at comedy club


“Hecklers on the internet remain undeterred.”


Surely the only cops allowed in a Comedy Club are Keystones?

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I’m not surprised Pacquola was unruffled by the heckler. Hey, this is a woman whose boyfriend gave her a copy of the book He’s Just Not That In To You.

I hope they took him outside, found a convenient canal, and placed him therein. I hate hecklers.

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I’m confused. It certainly seems like the audience needed mending, but the “audience mender” seems the last person you want to do the mending.

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A Kiwi friend introduced me to Rodney Rude, and while he leans towards the racist, bigoted spectrum (and therefore deserves a rather targeted listen), his dismantling of hecklers is a beautiful thing to behold.

Bill Hicks was no slouch either.

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I find the concept of an ‘audience mender’ [sic] intriguing. I wonder how many comedians and other performers would find one useful, and how, exactly, they do their job. Though, clearly, a ranting one probably isn’t doing their job.

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