Watch comedian Hannibal Buress shut down a drunk heckler at his live show


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I often hear Steve Martin’s dismissive “Yeah, I remember my first beer” as the ideal way to deal with a heckler, but I think this is just as good. He even offers some career advice!


Hecklers, proof that “griefing” has existed since before MMORPGs.

When a friend of mine went to his first comedy act in college, he heckled the guy. He sincerely believed that heckling was a normal part of the show, and that he was adding to the performance for the benefit of everyone.

I’m a big fan of heckler put-downs, and I’ve seen some good ones, but this was easily the most laid-back.

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Yeah, i liked that a lot. In the interest of balance though…

More uncomfortable than funny but the payoff is gold.

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I saw Doug Stanhope live take down a very loud heckler. I have searched for footage, but I don’t think this one exists. It was awesome, effective, and… Expletive laden

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I love heckler takedowns. Though I find it a little bit offputting when comedians laugh so much during their performances.

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