Bill Hicks' 12 Principles of Comedy



Excellent to see a post about the great man. Underappreciated by his fellow countrymen in his lifetime.


This bit always reminds me of the time I dared to read in a bar (weekday afternoon) while the regulars and bar wench sneered at me, whispering amongst themselves. Emboldened by their mutual stupidity, one finally said, loud enough for me to hear, “Well it don’t look so god damned interesting to me” and fixed me a long gaze.

I said something like “Seriously?!” and realized that I needed to ditch the Bukowski ambiance and start hanging out in smarter places.

Anyway…All Hail Hicks. Why does the gene pool always get rid of the brilliant ones?


“What you readin’ for?”


In her book Laughing In the Dark, a collection of her coverage of New York’s comedy scene from the late 80’s to the mid-90’s, Laurie Stone talks about having coffee with Bill Hicks and how he asked her for honest, direct criticism of his work. He had strong opinions and ideas about what he was saying, but he was willing–and wanted–to be challenged. He took what she said seriously.

He wasn’t the only comedian with that kind of integrity, but he was rare, and we could really use him still.


The only time I had a long gaze placed on me in a bar/pub was when I tried to leave a tip after a pint in Bannockburn Scotland. It was withering, they made me take my money back, and gave us free sandwiches. (God I want to go back)


Sweet flapping crapmonkeys, this could NOT be any more timely for me! I’m a week and a day away from re-starting stand-up open mics, and this list is about the single most valuable thing I have ever read.

I wish I’d been old or aware enough to appreciate Hicks in his time. I know I can go back and appreciate his work via youtube, etc - but it won’t be the same. He was too new, too original, and too inspirational, and spawned too many (not a bad thing) imitators / disciples / students / whathaveyou.

Like Lenny Bruce before him, I wish I’d seen him in his time and place.

Do they not tip the barkeep in Scotland?

In only vaguely related news: A guy from Wisconsin once just about punched me for picking up a round of beers. I’d questioned his means to pay for his own beer.

Also, Bill Hicks.

And Carl Sagan while we’re at it.

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I think this barkeep just had a particularly wicked sense of humor. Kinda like Hicks.

And more on topic…
Bill Hicks - Positive Drug Story:

Doug Stanhope is going strong. He’s worth a watch.
I’m Doug Stanhope, … and that’s why I drink.”


I saw Doug Stanhope live a decade ago, and there were several loud hecklers. He took them down effortlessly. While he may be a tad Hicksian, he has a very strong show and voice.

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Denis Leary notwithstanding.

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Ah yes, the polyester-suited madman himself. I like his on-air stuff in the UK best of all - comedic punditry at its best. Saw quite a bit of him on-air while on holiday in the UK. Gotta give his stand-up a bit more ear time.

Doug Stanhope - Remember When I Used To Give A Sh…:


No one else tips. Its just you guys.

Well, used to be anyway…


Buying the bar-staff a drink used to be acceptable if there was a really good reason for it, such as excellent service, an attempt to chat up the staff or just being a flash git in front of your mates.
But that was really the exception rather than the rule and wasn’t anything like proper tipping.


Waiters and taxi drivers. That’s it, in the UK. We’re just not a ‘tipping’ culture.

10 really nails it. If you need to be the smartest person in the room, then go be by yourself.

Who guys?

Absolutely. I strive to be close to the intellectual bottom in all activities. Good thing I’m dum.

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