Don Rickles 1926-2017


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RIP funny guy.


Don and Nina Hagen find sweet rapport on Merv!


I’m really gonna miss that lousy son-of-a-bitch.


Oh, he’ll be back!


I understand and acknowledge that Rickles is an important person, and many well-respected people respect him. Is this an appropriate time and place to admit that I don’t “get” Don Rickles, or “equal opportunity offender” comics in general? Is there a good think piece on why I’m just being a millennial ('81, baby, just made it!), outrage addict, volunteer PC bobby?


My first thought was, I admit, “No, Mr Potato Head!”

Watching that Frank Sinatra roast was astounding. He was fearless and so quick.


I thought he died in CPO Sharkey


One of those people who you think will go on forever.

He was a pretty good character acter too.


Sit back and enjoy.


My individual God identity.



I’m aware of him by reputation but i never really watched any of his acts So i have no real thoughts on him and his comedy. However i do enjoy edgy comedians quite a bit and while i’m all for being PC there shouldn’t be any such thing in comedy. I may not want to be constantly offended by comedians but some of them are brilliant at what they do at pushing way past the audience’s comfort zone and still having a point to say.


I’m guessing you and your friends don’t sit around and make fun of each other. If you don’t see the humor in that, you’re not going to see the humor in Rickles.


They should sell tickets to Rickles’ memorial service(/roast) … anyone attending will be howling with laughter, guaranteed. Which is just the way that dyspeptic SOB would have wanted it.

Maybe the time for that kind of insult humour has passed, living on only in the Triumph parody. Rickles is respected by other comedians more for his sharp mind than his sharp tongue, because the man was cobra quick. But to give you an idea of what a good guy he was at heart, his best friend was Bob Newhart.


this is my personal favorite with Sinatra, on Johnny Carson, 1976:


I want that to be my epitaph.


Better get started with the lice, then.


…he was still alive?


Looks like the pilot became a librarian and just died a year ago.