Perfection: "Frère Jacques" featuring Ricky Gervais' infectious laughter

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Ricky Gervais is a transphobic piece of shit. He isn’t edgy. He’s an ass.


That’s OK, asses are also known for laughing.

Gervais needs to fade back over the pond to some nice little English estate for at least a decade. His appeal was nominal at best and now he’s like the guy who’s worn out his welcome at the Christmas party but no one will tell him.

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Folks like Gervais & C.K. & Chappelle serve a noble purpose of making me appreciate artists who were extremely rich and famous for a long time and didn’t turn into bitter dicks who can only empathize with other rich men and complain about how everybody’s just too sensitive nowadays.

The crowd in the bottom video beat Gervais to death after the end of the video. Then they laughed.

This seems similar to the Speech-to-Song Illusion.

Very cool.

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