Ricky Gervais was in an '80s new wave band

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I believe I first heard about this from The Graham Norton Show. Graham’ is notorious for showing pictures and videos of his guests long before they had major career.

The majority of material is incredibly cringeworthy, and I have to give props to stars like Keith Urban and Ryan Gosling for taking it on the chin.

ETA: Too many Canadian named Ryan - I corrected from Reynolds to Gosling.

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Yes, we are all aware but thanks for the reminder.


Didn’t they work this into the plot of The Office? In the Christmas special/finale, it’s revealed that David Brent spent his redundancy payment on a professionally-shot music video in an attempt to break into the business. It is, of course, excruciating.


A good lesson that strong vocals matter, even in a crap 80s song. Good reason these guys never broke through

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No. NO thanks for the reminder, thanks.

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Gervais quipped, “I hope he got fat too!”

talk about a foregone conclusion!


Which was followed up with:

The overlap between “David Brent” and “Ricky Gervais” is strong with these - David is serious, Ricky’s seriousness is hiding behind a layer of irony.


Makes me wonder what Pilkington was up to at the time?

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Eh? What do you mean by this?

I mean that we are all aware and we’d rather not have had a reminder, thanks.
It thoroughly deserves to be forgotten.

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I see. Thanks for answering. New to me though!


Well, you can’t be lucky all the time. :wink:

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That's nothing, Isaac Asimov was in a British Boy Band in the 1970ies.

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He was funny when he was fat.

It’s not bad at all though. I listen to a lot of music from that era and believe me there are a lot of new wave bands much worse that this. I guess either you like that kind of music, or you don’t.

Is this the new Rick-roll? I’ll take it. :wink:


well, i didn’t know this, and i’m blown away. he looked like the cool new wave kid that i would secretly have a crush on in high school, but was too intimidated to talk to. and i really think the band was great. VERY on par for that time. i want more.


Thank you — I didn’t know either (I’m either the first or last one to know anything)! One funny thing, Gervais says he was influenced by David Bowie which makes this all the more funnier! https://youtu.be/v4ci-N-GT88


Wait what?? He’s a comedian now?!
I always wondered what happened to him.

So whatever became of that guy who played Jerry’s dentist in Seinfeld? :thinking: