Police fine man acting like ghost in a graveyard


I read the article. What exactly was the charge? The potential of hurting somebody’s feelings?


Increasingly in the UK they are trying to criminalize “being a dick”. Whether in person, on twitter, etc.

I know there are some real issues that interact with this type of behavior - but not everything can be against the law. And fining an unemployed person is just a waste of time for everyone involved.

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They’d better get busy with all the rich cocks roaming around in the City.


“his behaviour, if it had been outside of a cemetery would not have been inappropriate.”

I might be missing something here, but Halloween and being in a cemetery are just about the only appropriate times to impersonate a ghost.

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Not really. It’s just another way of getting money from the public purse into the hands of the already wealthy.

Probably should have clarified - it’s only poor and marginalized people who will be criminalized for being a dick. It’s practically a job requirement for politicians, bankers, and senior business managers.


Is it? I thought it was just a pointless exercise in one arm of the bureaucracy extracting money from the other.

The whole thing is just a depressingly stupid exercise from everyone involved: The guy who thought it was funny to be a jackass to other people, the other people who thought calling the cops was the right thing to do, and the police and the courts who decide to fine and punish someone for pretending to be an imaginary object.

It is. But the bureaucracy is funded by the taxpayers and is increasingly delegated to private companies who are adept at tax avoidance, Hence the siphon.

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Hum, I’m seeing a new hobby here…

Really? I would think that the places where it is acceptable to act like a ghost (He was throwing himself backwards, waving his arms about and going ‘wooooooo") are somewhat limited.

Edit: my browser hadn’t updated this page – I didn’t see that @pixleshifter had brought up the point hours ago…

This is the kind of thing where a dose of awesomeness in his impression of a ghost would have done wonders for his case. Kinda like the grown-up-kids who play superhero have plenty of opportunity to be lauded or beaten down and arrested.

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