Police impunity. Again




Maybe straight-up assassination would get a conviction. Not much else does. A black man can’t even avoid the police because of the extra scrutiny just being black gets him. It’s unthinkable that this is accepted as the cost of doing society’s business. I’m repeating myself, but when do I get to be on a jury?


Well, with those remarks you won’t get ever on a jury, because you are biased. So, the system works.


I feel safer already. /s


Yeah, seeing things as they are makes one “biased.” :expressionless:


Tsk. Silly goose! Justice is blind, doncha know! All those questions they ask jurors are just to establish which ones are perfect tabula rasas, otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair!



Probably the same day I will, which is so far never. I get my jury summons, I show up, I answer questions, I get sent away.





I have been summoned 5 times for jury duty.

Three times I showed up, just to be told to go home because I wasn’t needed.

Twice I didn’t respond because I was leaving the country for an extended period of time. Literally got the notices less than a week before leaving.

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