Police in Ferguson ordered Amnesty International observers to kneel


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But of course: you always kneel before your lord and master.


Kneel. KNEEL before ZOD… er… Officer Bufford.


Oh, THOSE jerks again.

(Edit: damn, beaten to the punch by ten seconds.)


Hah! That’s ok, I bow, or, perhaps Kneel, before your superior image use.


Related note: Can we have a thread dedicated to speculating on ways that the police, either in Ferguson or in general, can behave in a MORE cartoonishly or stereotypically evil fashion?

Perhaps white armor with full head helmets?
A leader who’s actually just a skeleton in a robe who has no inside voice?


They (the bad cops) could wear the other uniform hanging in their closet. You know, the white robes with the pointy hat.


Discworld’s Death? I doubt he would care to lead them, and they probably drown kittens anyways.


I object, sir, to the implication that Discworld’s DEATH would be evil in any sense, cartoonish or otherwise. He would be, at worst, neutral.

No, I had in mind this fellow:


[quote=“SirCracked, post:3, topic:39512, full:true”]
Kneel. KNEEL before ZOD
[/quote]That was my catch phrase in high school. I’d say “Kneel before Zod!” and kick them right in the nuts.

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I wonder what handbook the officer learned that in?

I’m sure that it was just a misunderstanding. One of the officers finally gave his name when asked, Neil…

So when the officer said that his name was Neil, you what?

So, isn’t this the part where everyone finally just gets pissed about peoples rights being taken away right in front of the whole world, and decides to do something about it? I get needing to blow off a little steam and make jokes. I’m so tired of being in tears and feeling scared and confused about why this is happening. I’m pretty certain we need to do something, and I don’t mean “bum rush the show”. There is a smart way to remind the United States Government about the Constitution in a very quick manner, and it usually means a massive march on Washington. This needs to happen. Black, white, brown, oppressed, those that are about to get all of their fundamental rights hijacked by the government for whatever purpose must remind them that we still believe that our Constitution will not allow this.


How do they expect to observe if they leave?

Or maybe Dennis?


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It IS pretty weird isn’t it? Most people I know don’t even care to read about any of this. They just watch the news and discuss talking points.


Agreed on Death’s alignment, which is why he wouldn’t care to lead them.

That’s an odd looking robe on your choice, though. :smile:

Personally, I’d lean more towards one of these folks, though. Slightly less bumbling…

My current, and soon to be ex-roomie is Caucasian. We cannot have a discussion about what is happening in Ferguson, without it becoming heated within five minutes. He is actually a militant-cop sympathizer. I’m Latina/Cherokee. He simply doesn’t see his own handling of privilege, so couldn’t possibly see a reason to support other peoples oppression, even though, simply through his association with me, he is at great risk of oppression himself. I believe this may be a great social disease, and one of the reasons why our rights are able to be taken away right before our eyes. Simply because too many people believe it cannot happen because of their privilege.


I hope this isn’t the cause of him leaving. It’s too bad that he’ll be further from someone who could help open his eyes.

I’m very curious about this. I don’t understand how anyone can be OK with what’s going on in Ferguson.

Complete with coverage of peaceful citizens protesting while police in (silly) cammo and 10-ton MRAPs point assault rifles at them and actual real combat heroes and veterans pointing out how messed up it is

This goes beyond privilege.

I really want to know what he thinks about this.


They could beat a defenseless man bloody and then charge him with destruction of police property - for bleeding on their uniforms. Oh wait, they already did that - and they had arrested the wrong guy, too.

Yeah, it’s going to take being led by an animate skeleton to bump them up on the evil scale…