Police investigate the reported stabbing of Corey Feldman only to find no wound


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Self inflicted stupidity is a thing, I guess.


Stable like Stable, or stable like Stable Genius?


You know, and I mean this in the least insulting way, has this guy been evaluated for experiencing hallucinations? First of all, let me just clarify that I don’t mean to minimize anyones allegations of child sexual abuse ever… but this guy also has shown consistent signs of harboring delusions in several different situations, and admitting yourself to the hospital for a non-existent stab wound sounds pretty hallucinatory to me (IANAD of course).


It was psychic surgeon ninjas.


Stable is as Stable does…


It was probably a vampire trying to slay one of the Frog brothers. He knows too much!


He’s just a fast healer.


I’m guessing mental health issues. He’s been through some shit - it takes its toll.

Yeah, it really does. Had it just been some sort of attention-seeking, self-inflicted thing, there would at least be some sort of wound.



It is possible the event went down exactly as described, and the attacker just didn’t get the blade to penetrate skin. It happens, knifes aren’t the most reliable. It’s kind of pointless to speculate, as we don’t even know what his guard reported.


It could have very well happened, but i’m inclined to think that Feldman is the one being unreliable. Hopefully there’s surveillance from somewhere that shows if something happened or not.


I just have to give the benefit of the doubt to a fella who as a youngster so righteously rocked a grey Members Only jacket (I have the reissue of the same one…)


I’m not calling him a liar, just that i have a hard time believing his account. At the end of the day both outcomes would be equally tragic: If he is indeed being harassed to the point of attempted murder. Or if he’s delusional. I don’t really want either to be true.


Yeah honestly either way I truly feel bad for the guy. It’s clear he really is suffering, whether there is actually another person orchestrating that or not it’s an awful situation for him.


This is pretty much where i’m at. It’s low hanging fruit making fun of Cory Feldman for acting strange, even if its self-inflicted because of drugs or whatever he’s suffering because of what he’s had to endure and i’m not comfortable at poking fun at him for it. Whatever the outcome is he’ll continue to struggle and suffer, i just hope that he can find some peace before something irreparable happens to him.


This guy is getting weirder and weirder. I watched a couple of You Tubes of his former Angels and his security. They did not have alot of good things to say about him.


Check out the soul…


Is it possible for 1) Hypodermic needle or 2) some other sharp thing to “poke” him but not leave a mark?


Stable as in “full of horse byproducts.”