Police officer pulls gun on man recording him, and is placed on leave. #fixthepolice

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This must be because the man videotaping the cop survived.


This is hardly the most serious stunt pulled by a cop recently(eg. nobody died); but it is pretty disturbing because of the sheer pointlessness and apparent irrationality of the officer’s behavior. Either he is so power-crazed that he rationally expects to get away with pulling a gun on somebody for no reason(‘menacing’ to us little people); or his tiny mind is so clouded by rage that he isn’t doing the most basic ‘thinking about consequences’, which is a vital aspect of keeping dangerous people out of trouble.

It’s just a what? I. Don’t. Even.? situation.


Nah, shooting white guys requires the permission of your supervisor unless they are homeless or mentally ill.


Some kind of constitutionalist? Really?


And it looks like the officer then begins filming McComas with a camera or cellphone.

No… Digital cameras do not use film. or tape. (cries)

If you were trying to source old film and video equipment, you’d understand. Film cameras are not “camcorders”, broadcast Ikegamis do not take film. Solid-state cameras do not record to tape. (gently bangs head on desk)

And no, mobile phones don’t have “dials” either. (runs away gibbering and shrieking incoherently)

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Getting shot tends to be quite bad for one’s constitution!


And November and December aren’t the 9th and 10th months of the year, respectively.



Exactly. “What, haha, that old rag?”

ETA: When police have alienated well-off white homeowners, traditionally their base, they’ve really lost the war of ideas broadly. The number of people who think they’re represented by police, who think the police are protecting and preserving their interests and values, who think policing is being done right and by the right people must be very low.

ETA2: although it’s starting to look like there may be some history between this individual and this police force, which would make it a special case and not something to generalize from.


Silly cop. Don’t you know Facebook is where the video views are at these days?
Of course, that’s why he said he didn’t care…

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Obviously a sea change in the philosophy and practice of policing needs to occur, but I had this thought: It is federally mandated that all cops have an electronic device on their holsters (since we’ll never get their guns from them) that registers every time their weapons are unholstered. When an incident is recorded, the cop in question MUST prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did so as a result of a direct threat to him or another person, and the threat must be from a real, VISIBLE deadly weapon. Evidence must include video and/or the testimony of someone who is NOT another cop. Bullshit like, “His hand was touching something I couldn’t see” or “She was acting weird” or “He was walking around being black.” is not acceptable evidence. A visible, identified weapon must be present. If this can’t be proven, then mandatory suspension at the very least, maybe with a hefty dose of training and psychological evaluation. Failure to comply and/or more than one incident means you’re fired and you’re barred from owning a handgun as a civilian, end of story.


Clearly he was hooking up his boat so he could drive to Florida and make a coke run. Thank god this officer had the foresight to question this “citizen”. Hopefully he scared him straight.

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BB’s summary makes it sound like the cop was creepily pointing at the guy (as in with his index finger) but I believe what the guy was trying to say was that the cop was parked with his vehicle pointed in the direction of him and his house.

A minor point but for me it changed the initial tone of the encounter a bit.

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Yeah, although it doesn’t change anything. The police operate in the public space and should be expected to be filmed, period. When they start acting strangely? Even more so.


I wonder what would happen if the guy called another cop and said, “Hey, some strange guy was driving through my neighborhood, so I took a video of him on my cellphone. When he saw me do that, he got out of the car and pulled a gun on me, but then he just left. Scared the hell out of me. I still have the video.”


BB’s summary makes it sound like the cop was creepily pointing at the guy (as in with his index finger) but I believe what the guy was trying to say was that the cop was parked with his vehicle pointed in the direction of him and his house.

I read it as the officer was pointing first, then the homeowner began recording. What you see is after the pointing. The strange looks and pointing are what made the homeowner realize he better start recording. Is recording the right term?


Not exactly that scenario, but… I was once out walking my dog and noticed a man and a woman just sitting in a car on my quiet suburban residential street. As I walked up to the car, the woman reached into the back and pulled a jacket over something on the back seat. As I walked past, I could see the stock of a long gun in the back seat under the jacket. I just kept on walking down to the end of the street, whipped out my cell phone, and called 911 to report it. The response was gratifying… the San Diego Sheriff’s Officers responded in maybe two minutes with eight or nine cars and did a full felony takedown right there in the street. It ended pretty quickly, though-- it turned out the “bad guys” were feds watching a house up the street. I later found out that SDSO was pretty torqued that the feds hadn’t notified SDSO that they were planning to be there.


When compared to the rest of the world, the US is a huge outlier in this as in many other areas.
Whatever is happening here, we have to fix the particular combination of factors that makes the US different to the rest of the world.


Inject with twenty times the lethal amount of heroine, conspicuously plant person’s ID next to the body for identification as shotgun blasts to the face will make normal ident inconveniently problematic, leave suicide note in several persons handwriting nearby.

Hey it worked with the murder of Cobain.

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