Police officer pulls gun on man recording him, and is placed on leave. #fixthepolice

aaaaaaannnnnndddd how exactly do you know how many kcal are in a human adult?..


Idle curiosity. Remember that I read wikipedia recreationally. I’m what one might call a dilettante or others might call a compulsive factoid gatherer.

But footage!


No! I was thinking of mentioning that also. XD

With all of the fuss made in the nineties about finally having non-linear random-access video, it didn’t take long for people to forget. I am not biased (hehe) against old media. I love tape, records, film, etc. But it’s not all interchangable.

For a while, I had a rig that wrote data to VHS tapes. They don’t hold a lot, but they were freaking indestructible, and never seemed to go bad sitting on the shelf. I guess that’s why Tapes are still used for backups. We have a cartridge on the helpdesk wall that’s said to have stood up to a .357 magnum round and was still readable. I have no idea how that happened, or whether it’s a hoax.


You’re absolutely right. Using comparable data is absolutely essential for a genuine analysis of any problem. When I looked for an image to demonstrate my point, I chose that one because the underlying population figures were included on it.

Perhaps I should have chosen this one, where the population figures are more in line with one another.

But whichever way you cut i, the evidence is still the same. This level of police violence is not normal. It’s a problem, and it’s an American problem and Americans need to fix it.


USA! USA! USA! Number 1!???

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You might find this interesting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_in_China

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If it’s anything like the science experiments I did in secondary school involving peanuts, you just stick a human on a stick and put it in an open flame. I forget exactly how you measure the energy burnt off, but I’m sure someone on Boing Boing knows!

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I have to agree. It’d make more sense to compare urban areas to each other, for example London vs New York. Though even that gets tricky because in the UK towns and cities tend to be fairly small but very close together, where as in the US towns and cities seem to be massive and very far apart. I guess in the end we’d have to compare areas of similar urban density itself and I’ve never come across any studies that were that specific. I suspect in the long run it’d just be easier and more meaningful to pick a larger European country to compare to.

I take your point about people enforcing their own social standards by cop. I’m with you there.

Once upon a time I lived in inner-city Milwaukee. I got around by bus, and I was frequently in very sketchy neighborhoods.

One afternoon on the city bus, a group of young men boarded. It was pretty clear their affiliation to one another involved a gang.

As I glanced around, I happened to notice one of them with a handgun, grasped just inside his jacket pocket. He saw me notice and quickly hid it. He told his friends.

The story above involved someone on the street observing another person taking pains to hide a firearm, in a place where firearms normally wouldn’t be kosher.

These stories seem similar to me, and I think alerting the authorities in either case is appropriate.

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The guy doing the filming is well known in Rohnert Park by the police. From what i know he has had many run ins with the police. This is quite a show he is putting on… that acting is priceless. I agree the officer should have not unholstered his pistol when he was giving him a lawful order to take his hands out of his pockets. I watched the video and never saw him point the gun at him. He unholstered it and pointed it at the ground… he might have lifted it slightly but it was always pointed at the ground. So i believe either the officer randomly picked this guy to mess with or someone called to report him and the officer showed up to investigate. Knowing his family, and without going into detail, i’m going to side with the officer this time. Be careful who you feel sorry for until you know all the story. I guess media is just so eager for a story they will print anything.

What do this guy’s pockets have to do with law enforcement? The scam being perpetrated by police departments is that supposedly anything police say is automatically “lawful” by virtue of them occupying a certain role. But police constantly take advantage and use this as an excuse to order people around when they are not entitled to do so. If there seems to be a crime committed, then sure, that’s their job. But they answer to citizens, and need some kind of evidence instead of issuing arbitrary orders.

Why should I feel sorry for anybody? It sounds like you are making this out to be some sort of emotional problem. The problem is that if police are not accountable to people, then instead of being respected officials, they become just more belligerent nuts with guns people need to defend themselves from.


It’s disingenuous of you to seem to be implying that normalising would make a difference in this case. What would you like to see? Normalize to fatal shootings scaled to the same population as the US in the first 24 days of this year? Rounded to the nearest integer that’s one for England and Wales (assuming roughly the same rate this year as all the other years.

Or you could assume that the author of the graphic was aware of the concept of normalization and was looking for serendipitously almost normalized values to make his point for him, in this case a roughly equal number of fatal shootings, and then have people notice that vast difference in time span and the really not very large difference in population.

Recording is an appropriate term. However, I prefer to say movied or movieing,

I’da wrut -

“The strange looks… he better start movieing.”

I think it’s a matter of philosophic debate which is more appropriate. It is my belief system that movieing is the better word. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that your belief system is no more & no less valid than mine.

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These are the stakes, folks. Officer asks citizen if they have any weapons on them. Citizen says no. Officer asks citizen to take their hand out of their pocket. Citizen pulls out gun and kills officer.

Officer Stewart:“You don’t have weapons in your pockets or anything like that?”
Smith:“No, sir, I’m just cold.”
Smith’s right hand remains in coat pocket.

Please learn this and understand this. Yes, there are many cops overreacting with force and many examples of police misconduct/corruption/racism. AS FAR AS I KNOW>>> A police officer driving by a house slowly is not misconduct. An officer stopping to run plates, take pictures, or get out of his cruiser is not misconduct. An officer asking someone to take their hand out of their pocket is a lawful order. Even if a crime hasn’t been committed.

The officer said the man could go back in his house. The officer didn’t ask for his ID, he didn’t swear, raise his voice, or do anything really objectionable. Pulling his gun out of his holster was definitely unusual, but I never saw it pointed at the camera lens.

I don’t want to illustrate how many ways this could have gone wrong, but it can, and it does.

Anybody know if there was a time that cops openly carried night sticks? Or is that a goofy movie exaggeration? I’m curious if the average citizen back then considered it threatening.

Waiting for a weapon to be visible before drawing their gun will get a lot of officers hurt or killed.

Try it out with squirt guns sometime. I’ll bet you get ten times wetter than your opponent.

Gun barrel POV cams are coming.

No. It doesn’t get a lot of people killed. Very few police officers actually get killed.

Meanwhile, not filming officers gets a lot of people murdered and raped. A lot of people get murdered and raped by police. A police officer is much, much more likely to support murdering and raping people than they are to be shot.


Ways it could have gone wrong:

-Officer could have shot man, planted evidence on him
-Officer could have shot man, not bother to plant evidence, still suffered no penalty
-Officer could have arrested man, assassinated him while in jail
-Officer could have arrested man, had him sexually assaulted
-Officer could have decided to shoot random passerby because he didn’t like their skin color

How many am I forgetting?

And I bet you somehow they’ll all mysteriously turn off when people are shot, just like bodycams do now.

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