Police set dog on a driver who politely refuses to answer questions

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Wait, they arrest gun owners now? Second Amendment! Second Amendment!!!


Listen to his screams and ask yourself if America is great again.

Ok, but can I do it after I finish my breakfast?


I feel sorry for the dog; surrounded by arseholes.


These people are monsters. They need to be in removed from society and locked up.


With “sovereign citizens” and similar libertarian types, every single interaction they have with government representatives will go badly for them, because human beings are human beings, and if your ideology causes you to make an authority figure’s job harder, they will pettishly strike back with what power they have at their command.

That said, nobody deserves to be treated this way. America’s biggest gang problem at the moment are its cops.


The cop should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Of course - a large amount of sovereign citizens aren’t just harmless kooks who don’t register their cars for humorous arcane reasons. But it doesn’t mean they have no rights. Have the courts ruled that being respectful and not threatening violence is now a crime?


brb, off to renew my plate stickers.


They murder them too.


Oh that one? Doesn’t matter cuz he wasn’t white.



2 things…

  1. Hey I see a black officer and white suspect…so progress? /s
  2. And people wonder why I have such a dislike of German Shepards ANY DAMN DOG THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT.

edit: for the pedantic folks, because we have to be specific to the breed of dog else we are marginalizing them.


The cops or the ‘sovereign citizens’? Your statement is unclear.

It’s war out there. Cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge were shot by guys connected to the movement, and Waffle House guy apparently was too.

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Belgian Malinois…

Also, most large city police have no particular fondness for people who are licensed to carry firearms. In some cities it is a guarantee that you will get pulled over and proned out if the cop’s tag reader shows you are legally armed.

That wasn’t a German Shepard. It was a Belgian Malinois (officer says so as he warns the guy.)

I had a similar opinions of German Shepard, but they are “work” dogs who were bred for a variety of tasks and most of them are cool.

As for the video, yeah, I find myself supporting the principles of “sovereign citizens” to a degree, but they take it to an illogical extreme. They want to claim independence while enjoying the bulk of the services provided to help keep their community running. If I am driving on their streets, I should be adhering to their basic laws, including giving out basic info. Though I could see refusal for a search etc.

Still, I believe one could have come up with several other methods that don’t involved getting bit by a dog.


This is infuriating. These cops are monsters who are just chomping at the bit to use one of there new “toys” on citizens. I’ve seen this mentality with too many cops in Ohio. No wonder citizens must arm themselves. Also, Canton is a terrible, depressing place to live.


two both @Mister44 and @Dennis_el_Campesino

Do we really need to get pedantic about the specific breed? SERIOUSLY. I am not going to get into an argument or even a discussion on the marginalization of dog breeds.

It’s a fucking shepard. They all look the same. One tried to eat my face off when I was 4. And the majority of police, attack, and guard dogs look just like this. So…yeah…I do not like them. I don’t give a damn which specific bred variation it is…I do not trust or like any of them. Any other breed of dog…any other type of sheparding dog is fine. Just not them.


Unfortunately not. There will be another one available after you finish your breakfast and so you will get behind if you don’t watch this now.


I was not talking about “sovereign citizens,” I was talking about the police shooting of Philando Castille, in response to @boundegar’s comment (“Wait, they arrest gun owners now? Second Amendment! Second Amendment!!!”). Castille was pulled over, and like any responsible citizen who owns a gun (and is licensed to do so), notified the officer that he had a gun in the car. The officer then proceeded to murder him in front of his girlfriend and her four year-old daughter, who was sitting in the backseat.

Apparently the officer was “afraid” of the calm, innocent, nonviolent black man in the car. The officer was trained to always be afraid, especially of black people, even when he obviously shouldn’t be (there was a four year-old in the back! Nobody who’s going to randomly shoot a cop calmly informs that cop of the gun he has in the car!)

This video from Canton, Ohio also shows police officers acting violently toward a nonviolent person, because they are “afraid” he has a gun (even though they outnumber him, and he’s not behaving in anyway to suggest he will resort to violence); they’re really afraid of him because he’s a political minority (not a terribly sympathetic one, but one nonetheless); they’re afraid because his refusal to answer questions is a nonviolent threat to their power (power founded on violence), and they value that power more than this man’s safety, so, out of “fear”, they maim him with a dog trained to be vicious.

In the US, the police are supposed to be our “bravest”, but we’re constantly seeing examples of officers acting out of fear, not bravery. In the US, the police are sworn to “protect and serve”, but we see so often now that many who take that oath apply it to themselves first and foremost. That’s not bravery, that’s cowardice.

Obviously, there are plenty of officers whose actual bravery deserves commendation; but there is also a corrupt, xenophobic, power-mad culture in many police departments in the US; it’s a culture bred to protect the officers’ safety and careers over that of the well-being of community members. Yes, this isn’t all police, but it is a real, widespread problem, and it has a body count. That culture needs to be dismantled.

Also, the culture of guns in the US contributes to the fear these officers carry with them into the field; the Second Amendment actually doesn’t protect you, if you are like Philando Castille and get murdered by the police for legally owning and declaring your firearm, or if you are like this man in Canton, OH, who got maimed for merely having a permit for concealed carry. And so, if the Second Amendment doesn’t provide protection, maybe it should be amended itself, to reduce the number of guns in the country. Doing that would actually save lives.


I fucking hate dogs. I said it so no one has to tiptoe around it. People aren’t allowed to dislike dogs because other people can’t handle it. But fuck them… Back to the topic.


A similar but not nearly as bad thing happened to a guy on my Dad’s hunting lease. When he informed the officer (as required by law) that he had a concealed carry permit and was armed, the officer dragged him out the window of his car by his neck, threw him on the ground, handcuffed and arrested him. The officer took the poor guy to jail, where he was promptly released. No charges were filed. I’m sure the guy filed a complaint with the department, which they probably filed with all the other complaints. It’s a shit show, all the way around.

I would just add, though, that if I was in law enforcement, my anxiety level would be pegged at 11 every time I dealt with a sovereign citizen. The likelihood of an encounter with those whackadoos ending in a shootout is way higher than your normal traffic stop. They’re all armed, and none of them follow the law. Most of them will just use a bunch of weird jargon on you, but some will fight, and are looking forward to doing so. But I wouldn’t set the dog on someone, nor would I tase them, swab pepper spray on their eyeballs, or use some other police torture technique.