Police were called on plane after passengers were robbed of jewelry and cash mid-flight


Thank you, I came here to say the same. I followed the headline because I wanted to read about the idiots who performed an armed robbery on a plane, only to realise they had no escape route. I am disappointed.

Although, of course, I don’t really wish that kind of flight badness on a large group of strangers. That would be mean.


I found their in-flight movie…

(Tagging @TobinL on account of his known cinaphile diaviancies. :wink:)


BoingBoing should really change that photo. Using apartheid era color is deeply insensitive.


Ahh yes. I downloaded that one right away when I first stumbled upon it. Fun combination of both of Verne’s Robur stories and a great cast.


The baggage handlers will be upset about this.


Let me see if I understand this. They bought expensive tickets on an international flight, hoping to make a profit from petty theft? Doesn’t seem like a good business plan.


Sounds like the work of a putpocket.


They need to work on their escape plan.



The jewelry and cash were diversions for cover. The fact that this happened while the passengers were sleeping is the key clue – this was an Inception-style dream invasion. Look for an unexpected inherited corporation breakup in the near future.

Oh, and welcome home Mr. Cobb.


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