Police were called on plane after passengers were robbed of jewelry and cash mid-flight


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I had to read the full story because based on just the headline I assumed that the major U.S. carriers had come up with a new pricing policy.


" after passengers’ were robbed"

After passengers’ what were robbed? I have to know.


That’s not a mid-air robbery.

This is a mid-air robbery:


Pirates? Yes they are.


Ladies and gentlemen I submit to you that THE ROBBERS ARE STILL ON THIS AIRPLANE!


Robbery or theft?




From watching movies I can’t imagine anything is truly secure unless in a locked handcuffed briefcase.

But seriously theft of laptops is extremely common on the SECURITY scanner belts so I am surprised this doesn’t happen more often.


On the one hand, you have laptops just sitting out where anyone could grab them while their owners are waiting on the other side of the body scanner.

On the other hand, any potential thief has presumably been in full view of security cameras since at least the point where they handed their ID to the TSA to be checked and scanned into a computer which presumably logged it… Seems very risky to me. Same goes for on the plane, where you’re in a population of a few hundred people at most, all of whom are listed on the passenger manifest.

Anyway, from the movies I’ve watched, I’m far more terrified by the idea of someone planting drugs in my bag while I sleep on the plane than taking any of my stuff out of it.



I once saw thieves going through another couple’s luggage during a ride though the Chunnel. For some reason, both people left the car at the same time, instead of taking turns to keep an eye on their belongings. This is why I keep my bags locked in transit, and sometimes lock my bag to the rack. It might not prevent theft, but it does makes it more difficult for someone to rob me.


Wow - that photo is a blast from the past. South African Airways retired that livery in 1997 because it was associated with the apartheid regime. Even BA doesn’t keep planes around that long.

Also, its one of their very rare 747SPs which had the shortened fuselage and massive tail which gave them huge range - needed in apartheid days when many countries wouldn’t allow South African overflight rights.


What they need to do is arrest the flight attendants. For always stealing my heart. Hello. Is this thing on?


That must have been doubly technically challenging, because Johannesburg airport is high and hot as well.


easily fixed, throw them out mid flight


Probably wing goblins.


A lot of these thefts are done by TSA, there was apparently a ring of TSA thieves operating out of the Chicago airport several years ago.


or… bandits


not exactly a stowaway situation