Flight attendant robs three brothers of $2,600 while flying on Emirates


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I’m not trying to blame the victims, but who leaves their wallet at their seat on a plane? I guess wallets get pretty heavy with that much cash. I’m lucky if I have twenty bucks and a gift card or two in my wallet at any given time, and I would never let it out of my sight.

As for the master criminal… just, wow. Perfume? Using the toilet to dispose of the cash. He’s lucky he wasn’t trying to hide a body.



Never fear, the pedantry squad is here.

Not robbery, That requires the use of or threat of, force. As in, “Give me all your money or I shall beat with this half empty can of diet coke!” I think it was simple theft.

Also “she took pictures of the remaining cash they had since these had the same serial numbers as those stolen.” Huh?


Needless to say, he was arrested.

Be honest, how many of you saw this as a twist to the story?


Sounds like they withdrew a fresh stack of money when they got their cash. Those can have sequential serial numbers.


Yeah, that’s probably what the article meant to say, just not what it did say. Presumably the Nation, like everywhere else on the internet, has decided it can get by without editing.


EDIT: DOH, I’m wrong. Their exact wording is incorrect.
There’s nothing factually wrong with their statement. It could certainly be explained more, but it’s not an error that needs “correction” per se.


I’m surprised they didn’t circle the wagons. Cash? What cash? Nothing was stolen, see? You still have cash! And if it was, it’s your own fault for having cash.


When I was a young whippersnapper catching an error in a major paper or in a magazine was something to crow about. Now it’s just a day ending in y.


Liked. But if one was brought up reading the Grauniad in the 70’s and 80’s it probably was pretty much every day.


I have to say, it sounds like they took this far more seriously tban I would have thought they would. Actual investigation, fingerprinting, arrest… Wow. And, just BTW, I suspect being arrested for theft in a country like Dubai is not a slight thing. No, offhandedly, not a small thing at all.



Really? How much cash have you seen with the same serial numbers?


You are correct. I was mistaken. My brain was doing the equivalent of autocorrect when I read the post.


He probably thought that the toilet empties to the outside and the wind would blow away all the evidence.:rofl:


At a guess, the wallet was in a jacket.


Or maybe a sling bag/man purse…


I wonder if this is a function of there being a lot more to edit per editor, or fewer editors due to publisher belt-tightening, or just less focused editors. Multiple choice, all of the above?


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