Airport baggage handler enjoys switching baggage tags for wrong destinations


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Don’t they beat you with a bamboo cane in Singapore whence you are bad?


Uh oh, someone needs to fix that em tag.

Such alleged shenanigans could cost the handler a year in jail or multiple fines.

Reckon he could offset some of the cost by selling the rights to his story to the comedian du jour.


That’s what I thought, too.


And, award them a job at American.


A new contender shoots straight to no.1 in my “what evil, but non-genocidal, thing would I do with my time if I won a crazy amount of money and don’t need to work for survival anymore” list.

I salute this man’s pure humble evil genius.



Christ, what an asshole


whether they do or not he richly deserves a good old fashion ass-kicking, hopefully from some large passenger who had to put up with this shit


I just dont even understand the motivation. You arbitrarily wanted to annoy random people by making their stuff temporarily disappear?

It is a massively evil thing, but you don’t even get to enjoy it. You don’t get to see their impotent rage.


This guy is going to the special hell. The one with the paper cuts and the pointy things and Greg.


And United Airlines HR will be waiting to sign him when he gets out.


good thing they don’t do that in 'merica. they DO give you wrong info about luggage though so you get stopped at check in.


Guy was evil and wrong, but I can’t help but suspect he might be more sympathetic with passengers and less inclined to this sort of dickery if he were paid enough to occasionally be a passenger with checked luggage, or even just see it as a possibility.



He should be sentenced to 10 years of non-stop travel.


Isn’t that a bit harsh?


And I always assumed it was part of American Airline’s unique customer care programme.


You wouldn’t ask that if you knew Greg.


Fear not, his job will shortly be taken by robots.


Yep. And those robo-handlers will totally use algorithms to decide whose luggage to mis-send where and why. None of this human random shit, oh no. So this guy will get a job as a luggage despatch algorithm programmer. See, the new economy creates new jobs just as it destroys the old.