What happens on the tarmac when there's a shortage of baggage handlers

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No excuse for that. That person at the top of the belt loader can clearly see there is nobody on the receiving end; and he/she has a switch on their end to stop the belt until somebody arrives to take the luggage. Apart from stupid things like that, being a baggage handler is actually a fun job. I did it in college. Sometimes we’d get human remains, which freaked some people out. It was basically a cardboard box the size of a coffin with the deaceased in a plastic bag inside. Some baggage handlers that I worked with were too spooked to climb inside the luggage bin if there was a body in there.


I’ve seen worse, a lot worse.


oh here we go with the shoulder of orion story again.


Well, this explains why the wheel on my spinner luggage got crushed.


I think we’ve reached the point where it’s impossible to say anything nice about any part of airline travel.


Some years ago while waiting for a flight at the Newark, NJ airport I saw a suitcase tumble off of a baggage trailer while on its way to the aircraft. A Port Authority pickup truck came along and drove over the suitcase with it’s front and back right wheels. Thereupon realizing that he had driven over something which wasn’t normal the driver backed up the truck, again running over the suitcase with both wheels, to see what it was.


See? It’s much safer to put your battery-loaded laptops and ipads in your checked bags… :confused:


Never gets old.


I see this as a fine shading. Here we have what appears to be understandable, unintentional damage, as opposed to the more common intentional damage, loss, theft, or enthusiastic rummaging by TSA agents that occurs much more routinely.

I’ve seen that happen, and I haven’t flown in years and years. It’s not a new phenomenon.

This was posted over on Reddit, and some dude recognized his own bag falling off the conveyer, and posted the pic of the damage.


Came here to post this. Leaving satisfied.

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Nothing new. Remember, United Breaks Guitars. And everything else.

Don’t most airlines contract with a site-based third party to handle baggage at each airport?

Maybe smaller airports, but big city airports have crews employed by each major airline.

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