POV: You're a checked bag on your way to the airplane (video)

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It looks like that number is super underreported. Checking the same site there were 45.6 million bags in just July 2023!

And while having your bag lost sucks (attending a business meeting in shorts and a t-shirt is not an experience I’d recommend), it’s amazing how smooth the process normally is.

I wish they have shown the “magic carpet” that is used to inside the baggage hold to keep the bags from shifting during flight.



I wish they had that when I was a baggage handler. It was a fun job and stacking bags was like a fast-paced game of Tetris. Most people don’t know it but baggage areas typically have a lot of Sharpie graffiti on the walls as well.


It’s nice the bags have a stress-busting muzak channel for their loading.

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Pretty sure this kid would qualify as carry-on.

Have not checked a bag in 16 years - everything goes in my 22L Deuter with room to spare.

Hope that was a happy ending. I can imagine being clobbered by suitcases is no fun.

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