Politician given green-light to name developer's new streets with synonyms for greed and deceit

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Nice. I’m surprised the developers could even look up from the mountains of cocaine they were doing to notice what was going on.


Late stage capitalism or late stage stupidity?


I want to suggest they use intersecting streets CLINT and FLICKER.


Oddo? What a crazy name. Pronounced Odd-oh? Or, Oh-Doe, like the DS9 character?

Anyway the Founders – er, I mean-- the Developers need not worry:

  • 95% of all residents will think “cupidity” relates to Cupid.

  • 100% will think “avidity” relates to “being avid.” Which it does. I think Oddo screwed up here: “avaritia” is the Latin word for greed.

  • 105% will have no idea what “fourberie” could mean. It’s very likely not even a word.


On the plus side, people who grow up here will absolutely win the “find your porn name” game.


Typo? I believe it’s actually a “snook” that you cock.

Somewhere out there, a word-of-the-day calendar author is marking this day… well, on the calendar.


I! Am! The 105%!

Cupidity is not such an unusual word, but it will still trip up a lot.

(oops reply to @petzl )

Correction, they didn’t need to worry until they caused a brouhaha over it.

Welcome to sunny Streisand Way!

Send in Jim Hader from legal.

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Actually, fourberie is a french term for deceit.
Not in the english language doesn’t always mean not a word.
Just to add to that, avid, in its latin root, meant to crave.
It was synonymous with avarice at that point.

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If he was a Simpsons fan (or a Classicist) he could have named them Croesus and Mammon, where Mr. Burns lives.


Scumbags roudabout, Muddy Anus Park, lying douche way are all very nice names they should try out in the area.


I’m sure Objectivists will be eager to move to Cupidity Drive.

Apparently, it is in the unabridged Webster’s Dictionary, and I was invited to subscribe to find out more about it.

It is used, italicized, in the novel Tom Jones… It is probably most famliar to readers of Moliere. " Les Fourberies de Scapin" is one of his comedies.

Though if beliving this individual was a collector of vocabulary or a fan of French drama is too difficult, the word is likely to be in a crossword puzxle dictionary, under GREED. It does have lots of vowels.


That’s standard. A fair few housing developments in the UK are called “xxx meadows”, in remembrance of what they once were.

Fucking Meadows.

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