Pompeo announces first U.S. penalties against Saudi Arabia over Jamal Khashoggi killing


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A slap on the wrist at best.


Yawn. Wake me up when they revoke MBS’s visa.


There will be no shortage of other thugs willing to travel to the US and attack the thin-skinned psychopath’s critics.
Like these in London last month (read it also for their opinions of the Queen and London police).

Tonight’s Newsnight (BBC) had interviews with a couple of MBS critics and the insights they had were chilling. It’s on iPlayer but perhaps the relevant segment will make it to other sources soon enough. One of the interviewee’s assessment of MBS would certainly get him dismembered if he were in Saudi Arabia still.



In the unlikely event of anything even vaguely resembling punishment the Saudis will use the safe word: “Petroleum.”


So it’s not even actually a penalty. It’s just saying, “murderers can’t get visas to visit the US,” which was already the case.
Trump meanwhile finally had harsh words about the Saudi’s actions, strongly criticizing… their cover-up attempt. FFS.

I mean, it’s not even that. A slap on the wrist would involve some sort of punishment, even symbolic, for the Prince himself, not just those following his orders.


Crude Tumbles 5% as Saudis Pledge to Produce as Much as They Can -Bloomberg


No entry visas - man - this Pompeo is a real hanging judge.

The SA will just issue them new ID and we’ll turn a blind eye.


Oh my. Revoke some murderers’ visas. That’s harsh. Does that sound harsh? I think is sounds very harsh. The next level will be to write a strongly worded letter…very strongly worded.


Saudi Arabia is a repressive regime. It would be nothing for them to have a sham trial jinn up phony punishment or even have gagged innocent disposable fall guys executed just to get the rest of the world off their back. That second option sounds unlikely (even to me), but then I re-read the story and…


Ooooooo. Wow. Ouch…


Also banned: Jack the Ripper, Guy Fawkes and Charles Darwin (he knows why).


I’m convinced that it’s not what they did, and it’s not who they did it to… It’s where they did it.

Organized crime rings all know that in order to avoid law enforcement making things inconvenient, they must refrain from killing people in certain neighborhoods. Ya do your dirty work south of a certain street, and people leave you alone for the most part.

They could have disappeared this guy from just about anywhere else, and the US wouldn’t have said, “boo”. But luring him into saudi soil within the host country, that takes a certain kind of stupid. The other mob bosses are forced to pay attention, because it puts them on notice for being disrespected.

Dont expect the murder of journalists to stop after this, just expect it’ll be more mysterious.


On the good news front about Saudi Arabia, John Cena has refused to go to WWE’s pay per view event there.


Not so unlikely given that they appear to be already bumping people off to “clean house.”


“The coverup was the worst in the history of coverups,” President Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday.

Emperor Commodus Caestigula disapproves of people telling really unconvincing lies for the pleasure of watching underlings debase themselves by licking up the bullshit and pretending to believe the lies. He thought that privilege was reserved for him.


Up to 25% of Saudis live below the poverty line; officially there is 13% unemployment - unofficially it is between 40 and 60%; of those who are employed - 70% work for the government. Capital outflow (money heading to safer countries) is about 5% of GDP. There have been no significant petroleum or natural gas discoveries in Saudi Arabia for decades and many of their fields rely on water drive to life oil and gas to the surface which means they are either at, or past, peak production.

Lets see how long they last.


Something like “You are very very bad men. Stop being bad, or we will have to send another letter.”


I think that they underestimated how good Turkish intelligence was, and/or the willingness of Erdogan to reveal the fact that they had the consulate bugged to attack MBS. Because Erdogan’s dream of a resurrected Ottoman Empire is incompatible with MBS’s dream of a Saudi hegemony over the Arab (really the entire muslim) world. When you combine Erdogan’s slow dribbling out of lurid details with the Washington Post’s desire to see justice for one of their own, you have a perfect shitstorm aimed directly at MBS. And he, in turn keeps walking into the punches by releasing new unbelievable and incompatible stories.