CIA warns 3+ people linked to Jamal Khashoggi that Saudi Arabia may now target them

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I advise the person residing in the US to decline any invitations from Jared Kushner.


The CIA are like the cops in a mobbed-up town: “hey, watch out, Vinnie the Bonesaw mentioned last night over dinner that he’s gunning for you.”



So the CIA is warning people that the Saudis - the same people John Bolton is sucking up to in order to have a wank over Iran - are out to illegally murder them, including one on US soil?

OK - makes as much sense to me as anything else.

(ETA apologies for “illegally murder”. I know, I know.)


Hey, if the absolute monarch does it it’s legal. Or the POTUS.


I hope that if someone murders me, they make suure to do it legally


Well, Saudi Arabia is certainly emboldened, now - the US response to killing Khashoggi was not only to fail to hold them accountable, but to actually provide cover for them.
Actions (or lack of actions, in this case) have consequences, which aren’t going to be nice for Americans or citizens of allied countries. Similarly, Trump pardoning US soldiers who committed war crimes makes it more likely war crimes will be committed against US citizens.


Trump would love to be able to do that kind of action and a lot of his base would support him.That SOB has taken us back to the stone age. We have become the characters of The Lord of the Flies.


Not yet, but he and his accomplices sure as fuck seem to be trying.

Continue to rage against the dying of the light; do NOT ‘go gentle.’


Anyone ask Kushner what’s going on?

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Pardoning war criminals? He’s already done it. He’s talked about doing more of it (pardoning the special forces guy who was a serial killer murdering civilians until his own men turned him in), but he’s so far prevented because the guy hasn’t been convicted yet.


history of does coming up

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki’s ghost and Barack Obama’s legacy want to remind you that Trump is not the first POTUS afforded the right to snuff whoever he deems a “terrorist” without due process.

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When will international law-abiding democracies man up and economically sanction totalitarian and human rights-violating regimes? I have little hope, because: money and people living in their bubble, blissfully and willfully ignorant.

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Yeah, the CIA must feel sort of awkward warning targets of assassination plots, when they’re so used to killing targets of assassination plots.

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