Pomplamoose covers "Come Together"


Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff’s filk cover is on YouTube.

My favourite Come Together cover is by Rai Thistlethwayte (of Thirsty Merc fame)

You haven’t seen a Come Together cover until you’ve seen the one by the hungarian jazz singer Veronika Harcsa jamming in India.

Come Closer Together (Beatles/NIN)

If this is anything like their cover of “i feel good” i’ll pass.

This all serves to convince me again what a genius Lennon was in the vocalization department. He avoids sounding camp or over-compensatory while presenting some of the strangest lyrics. It is the performance that makes it a great song. These others are all just trying too hard. Cool is invisible, man.

Love these guys. They keep getting better and better.

In my day we had real instruments, not iPads and sequencers. Times change but I refuse to.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with using those tools in a pleasing, proper fashion.
They, unfortunately, do not.

I really would have preferred another banana.

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