Poop emoji cookie cutter


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/25/poop-emoji-cookie-cutter.html


Coprophilia Today magazine gives it five (brown) stars, “add candy corn or peanuts for extra realism!”


Because we all need a little more shit :poop: in our lives.


PLA isn’t a ‘food safe’ plastic. It can also be pretty brittle with thin walls like this, so don’t push too hard when cutting with this device. Maybe use a board to push it down to spread the force out eavenly?



This is obviously intended for use with brownies, not cookies.


Initially read that as ‘poop emoji cookie butter’. Initially was not enticed to click this link.


It’s actually pretty non-toxic stuff and has even been used for medical implants and stitches.

The problem is that FDM leaves lots of little pockets between layers that can harbor bacteria and can be hard to properly clean since it goes all rubbery in hot water.

As long as you aren’t using as a food prep surface, a storage container, or something like a cup or a mug, it’s probably okay. Cookie cutters are probably the best (or perhaps safest) application for FDM PLA.


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