Poop emoji brownies

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Seems to me there’s an awful lot of “baking fail!” pictures out there in which the result unintentionally ends up looking like poop. So I suppose if one messes these up, the result ends up looking like … ordinary brownies?

I think I’ll pass, thank you very much.

I’ll bake those but I refuse to buy the poop-emoji mold.

Why not just thicken the regular batter, squirt it through a cookie-dough press, pop on some pre-made candy eyes before they’re cool. Who cares if they look stupid - I’m eating brownies :smiley:


Needs nuts!

what a crap idea :wink:

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This is what I imagined and I haven’t yet expanded the link. Since you also came to that conclusion, I think we are proven right.

Besides, I don’t have room in my kitchen for such a particular piece of equipment as a poop cake molding pan.

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