How to: Poop Emoji hairdo


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…Why not?


Because poop is gross?


Wouldn’t be the grossest Halloween hairdo I’ve seen. Pretty easy costume, too, if you got the hair length for it.

ETA: @Donald_Petersen… how long’s your hair?


Poop is necessary.

Poop is life.


I think the hairdresser added some fake hair to the model’s hair for this style. Not too long ago I had hair nearly down to my waist and I don’t think I could have done this. Of course, I tended to braid it instead of twisting… but I still don’t think it’s all her own hair.


I went and had another look and yep, starting from 0:25 extra lengths of hair gets added. All the fast transitions made it tricky to spot for me. :slight_smile:


YouTube views.


:cry: [Mourns lost youth and vitality or some shit like that]


“Others have seen the poop emoji and asked why. I have seen hair and asked why not.”


“Do you like my hair?”

“Well . . . it looks. . . kinda shitty.”



It finally occurred to me, I have never found the poop emoji useful in my routine comms, so I’ve never wondered about dressing up as one. So my real question should have been, who uses the poop emoji, and for what occasion is it appropriate?


When someone texts you and asks you how your day is going, and you want a really succinct way to say:

“Shitty, but I’m trying to put a happy face on it.”



So then, it’s like a tiny brown version of this meme? Thank you, I get it!


When you IM @Donald_Petersen during certain hours of the day.
crenquis: what’cha do’in’?
I think that it is a canned response.


Alas! Not long enough, not anymore. Otherwise I’d totes do it.


Canned? Never!

It just happens to be what I’m doing whenever you IM me. Sheerest coincidence that it happens 5 or 6 times a day.


I smell what you did there. How could I not? :poop:


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