Irate baker delivers poo-like cake to customer


We need a sequel to this:

BAKING with poo!


So, how did the cake taste?

As frustrated as I get dealing with companies that treat their customers like shit I feel like in this case it was at least done creatively.

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The attention to detail! You can see where she has emulated little chunks of corn in the shit with what looks to be white choc chips maybe? Or nuts?


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“I don’t make cakes as a business.”

Well… good?

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She’s one step ahead of you my friend:


It could have been kind of funny if she’d done it in photoshop and sent her the fake mock-up or even gone all out and made the cake out of scraps that weren’t going to be useable for anything else and photographed it and sent her the photo. The cake itself might possibly have even been a wee bit funny if it were just for an every day desert and she had a gift certificate so it was a “make me whatever for 30 bucks” kind of deal. I’ve been in that situation before where I had a freebie for one of those gigantic decorated cookies and didn’t really have an occasion for it so I was just ordering it to eat around the house for nothing special. I wouldn’t have minded something silly or even letting the staff make something totally off-color they never get to make for “real” customers.

But to actually make it and send it for a real engagement party isn’t a “joke” or at least is a terribly un-funny one. Since the recipient and her guests didn’t think it was funny, it was clearly not the kind of person getting it who was going to find it funny. Yeah, if my no-occasion big cookie arrived with a naughty word note and dookie drawing on it, I’d have laughed. The people at the cookie shop heard me say, “I don’t care. Write whatever you want. Ever wanted to draw a middle finger in the icing? A pentagram? Go for it. Surprise me. Just make it chocolate chip and we’re good.”. This clearly wasn’t one of those where she really didn’t care or was in a mood to be light-heartedly shocked. It was a real occasion that should have had a normal cake. Even if they thought the recipient would get a laugh out of the idea, they shouldn’t have sent it that way, just the pic or the idea, or at the very least sent it in addition to a super beautiful real cake. A little LOL, but a clearly marked surprise gag not something that was going to get revealed in front of guests who weren’t in on the joke and not something that would create the need to go get another cake last minute.


I hate when people are assholes and then use “just joking” to try to wiggle out of it when someone calls them out on it.


In my experience, New Zealand is home to the nicest people in the world and the worst customer service.

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you know, i spent quite a few of my early working years in bakeries, and pastry shops… and there have been many times that i’ve thought it would be great to do this to customers that were a crazy pain in the ass, or even those that demanded a cake that was going to look awful, but were convinced it wouldn’t look awful, then complained about it looking awful, etc… there are a lot of straight-up enraging things that tend to happen when you’re dealing with people that want a cake.

that being said, WOW. there has got to be part of this story we’re not hearing here, because man, i know 30 bucks isn’t much but just make a simple cake, or a tiny cake, or something, this person NUKED that bridge on the first volley.

there’s got to be something, though. the person owed the cake maker 20 bucks from before, so it’s not as if they hadn’t done business together before. if this is just a random snap though, watch out for those cakes… because there’s a bomb coming at some point o.0

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I suspect there is more to this story then in the report. Clearly the client owed the baker $20 from some previous purchase. If, for example, the baker donated the certificate to a raffle or similar fundraiser with the hope of doing some good and raising awareness of her bakery, it was won by a former client she never wanted to work for again and the client gave her a hard time about the design of the cake in question, then the poo cake seems a bit more like a reasonable response.


Not any more you don’t!

I’d eat it.

I think it’s a funny joke and would do the same thing if I had baking ability. I’m still not sure why the baker was so angry (the eat shit flag seems a little OTT) but c’mon man… SHITCAKE!

People are too precious. It’s a freaking engagement party, not an actual wedding. Nothing was ruined.

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At a church potluck, it was announced that there would be prizes for best dish, and scariest/worst dish. Someone brought a brand new (let’s hope) kitty litter tray with rice krispies in it and brownie pieces that looked like,um, logs. It also had a (hopefully) clean scoop to pick up the brownies. When it came time to give the prizes, this did not win the prize for scariest/worst dish. It lost to a nicely plated can of spam.


Going to go ahead and suggest there’s more to this story than even the linked article provides. When I see mention of a $50 voucher that was reduced to $30 because of a “separate business arrangement” I see that there might be some other disagreements involved here.

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