Thanksgiving treats that look like sh*t

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Isn’t it a bit early for Mr Hankey?


That first one that is attributed to “pinterest” has the watermark from cakewrecks right on it… this is some lazy listicle making!

Everyone should check out Cake Wrecks, its the best. :slight_smile:


And to buy candy designed to look like crap,

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Dear editor,

I would like to point out only the first cake looks like shit. The second cake looks like a cock and balls, with is a completely different fetish.


A concerned reader.


What are, sweet potatoes, for $200, Alex?

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It is the best, and proves that people abuse brown frosting SO often that a ban may be in order. Also, perhaps a ban on any kind of frosting letters or numbers as well. This is why we can’t have nice(ly iced) things.


(Just to be clear, this is satire based on the Categorization of Threads Thread. Aka, an inside joke)

Your concern has been noted. I have taken the liberty to mimeograph the minutes of this conversation to the Executive Steering Committee Liasons, so we may get the subject of ‘Poo vs. Peeny’ on the agenda.

These things do take time, but I think we can get it slid in before the end of the year. Fiscal year 2021 that is. If there are any addendums, please submit them (in times new roman please!) to the office of the Inspector General Of Public Policy and Internet Relations. It is either @Mindysan33 or @chgoliz, I forget who won the runoff.


Honestly if you have much experience dealing with live turkeys you’ll know they actually do look remarkably like turds much of the time.

In other news my neighbors (likely expensive) heirloom turkeys seemed to have escaped earlier today. I was heartily tempted to hijack a few of them. But there are already plenty of wild turkeys around if I really wanted to poach a bird, and frankly I don’t like turkey enough to bother.

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Since when is Thanksgiving cake a thing? Now that’s cultural appropriation. Stop encroaching on our Pie-oriented holidays, you lousy Cakists.

On another note, these are pretty funny, but part of me feels like it’s kind of loutish and supercilious to make fun of something nice someone well-meaningly tried to make for people to enjoy. It’s like ripping on the crappy unfired clay ashtray your preschooler made for you at day camp.

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These are grocery store cakes. Given the ingredients esp the icing which leaves a thick coat of ? on your mouth, and the profit motive, I think it’s okay to poo on the crap


Did you say poop?

What happens when the cake is a pie?

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