Pop songs as sonnets



Cursed my stars are,
rickrolled again.


I only know like three of those songs. Grump. But this version of Toto’s Africa by Ernest Hemingway made me snort like a hippopotamus.

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The price of never being rickrolled is eternal vigilance…


The first few are stellar, but I don’t think I could read 100 in one sitting. Darn you, short attention span!

They only put out one every week.

Iambs to the laughter.

Someone’s read a lot of sonnets. These are well done indeed, including the ending couplets.

“–If truly you did wish to win my hand,
You should have graced it with a wedding band.”


Jeffrey Lewis had a similar project going for a while where he was attempting to rewrite the entire Sonic Youth catalogue in sonnet form.

Below, Dirty Boots (actual sonnet starts at about 1:05)

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