The story behind Toto's 'Africa'


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God’s using me for an instrument here!'

He sure is buddy.


I hate the lyrics, which are kinda stupid and possibly even offensive, yet love the song enough that I could happily listen to it several times in a row. I’m having a hard time imagining people dancing to it, though.


Give it a try one step out of key, and off beat:


There are people who don’t love Toto’s Africa?

Why, I was just thinking about it yesterday, as I do every time I urinate into a bathroom fixture made by the manufacturer Toto (no joke).


This is where the term “earworm” comes into play. I think people hate how when they hear the song they can’t get it out of their heads for hours.

Now that he’s explained the origin of “I bless the rains” I feel less bothered by it. In fact, instead of sounding condescending, the lyrics almost sound deep now. A corny love song about a lonely priest trying to stay celibate? WTF.


Hmm I had always thought it was “I left the reigns down in Africa “


Bob Lazar on drums. Howard Stern on keyboards.


“I bless the rains down in Africa.” I always thought they were saying something else. I’m not sure what, but it reminds me of this:


I figured the song came out of a drunken bet that David Paich couldn’t put the words Kilimanjaro, Olympus, and Serengeti into a single lyric of a rock song and make it work.


A choir mimics a thunderstorm using their hands, then they start singing…


Then this should blow your mind. What late 60’s French fashion models attempting to dance to a version of the Karelia Suite as performed by Keith Emerson & The Nice looks like… and it ain’t pretty.


As a necessary corrective - take it away Jeffster:



annnnnd now I do too.


They said loneliness and celibacy were the hardest things about life out there.

These missionaries, they did realize they were around other human beings, right?




Did we talk about how the lead singer of Toto is composer John Williams son ?

I’m lost in a bbs dungeon. and i smell like a grue.


I member that song. Do you guys member that song?