Pope blasts capitalism


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Still in favour of homophobia and misogyny, though.


Making these points explicit is a huge shift.

In fact, these are exactly the sort of things that would have got you into a load of trouble under JPII, and that trouble would have been brought to your door by a certain cardinal Ratzinger.




Dadgummit! If they ain’t peterphiles they’re damned commies!


I feel nothing short of hatred towards the Catholic church, based on its historic and not-all-that-historic record. However as far as cherry-picking useful bits and pieces of the doctrine goes, this overt switch to the narrative of social compassion is certainly most laudable, today perhaps more than ever.


It’s actually a ‘conservative’ position relative to ostensible Catholic doctrine (it’s politely ignored these days; but I don’t think usury’s ‘mortal sin’ status was ever officially taken off the books, nor is the fact that Jesus was a bit of a pinko exactly unknown); but relative to the downright cozy relationship that the church has generally tried to cultivate with secular power, and the relatively specific alliance against ‘godless communism’… That has not made this a popular position of late…

(See also, ‘liberation theology, more or less total official disavowal of’ and ‘just about anything the US approved of in Latin America during the cold war’)


The pope is starting to make sense! What’s the world coming to?
No seriously. Still quite a long way to go, IMO, but it’s a start and in the right direction too. Let’s hope the guys who are in charge of the money don’t stop him.


I like how people interpret his habit of cooking his own meals as a sign of humility… rather than self-preservation in light papal history.


Ah, just doing your own cooking won’t keep the ‘inheritance powder’ out of your supply chain…


The real importance, I think, lies in this: Since the fall of Communism, there has been no ideological competition to the free market doctrine. I certainly don’t miss the Soviet model at all, but it forced capitalism to behave and prove itself - by creating a wide shared prosperity to prop up its political legitimacy.

Now that this competition is gone, the - let’s face it - ruling classes feel they can get away with anything. So on the one hand, this is a very smart political move on popes part - giving the church back its relevance by positioning it as the main ideological antagonist of the status quo. On the other hand - we really need somebody with a loud enough voice to do it.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this, if my analysis is correct…


Rush Limbaugh and his merry band of Corporate Christians are fuming mad about this. How long before Catholics are declared to be dirty RINOs and driven out of the party? Due to the abortion issue, they’ve been a sizable chunk of the Republican vote at the polls. Rush vs the Pope certainly isn’t going to help the GOP with their Hispanic outreach efforts. This is a battle that Rush and pals simply can’t win. The Pope is the one person who can tell you to go to hell and actually mean it. Best move would be to ignore the subject entirely and babble on about the War on Christmas or Eric Holder. I doubt Rush realizes the difference between the Pope and a wayward Congressman worried about being primaried.


I want to know who the hell put this Hippie Christ in Christmas?

The new pope talking about Hippie Jesus’ message will no doubt lead people to attack the church’s wealth, their pedophile priests and their views on women’s bodies. But I’m still excited to see it. It’s a reminder that the people pushing the concept of profit above all have to destroy the true messages of Jesus in order to meet their profit needs. That’s why they want to figure out “How do We Challenge a Social Justice Narrative.”

A social justice narrative doesn’t lead to growing profits for a select group. It leads to a more equitable situation for all. And they just can’t have that.

Flash back -2 A.D.

Fade in a wedding out side of Jerusalem. It’s four weeks before the pagan Festival of Lights.

A drunk wedding guest approaches Jesus.

“Hey Jesus, think of how much money you can make from turning this free water into expensive wine! If we combined this water wine with your loaves and fishes trick and my marketing savvy we could make a fortune! We’ll open up a restaurant. We’ll call it, er um, ”The Needle’s Eye” and we’ll put it in that empty building over on 3rd. You know, the big brown one you get to when pass through Cameltown.

I’m serious! With free wine and free food our only costs would be labor. But if we get people to work for you for free, say we call them disciples instead of waiters, it would be pure profit. That’s it! Jesus H. Christ, the Pure Prophet! Oh My God, I’m a genius. I’ve got to get this idea to Matthew, Mark and Luke so we can get some coverage on this. I just hope they get the story straight. The gospels are so easily manipulated. Gotta run, partner. Give my best to Mary.”

Happy Holidays everyone!

Live Long and Prosper,



Pope Francis is making me wish I was Catholic. Let’s hope he leaves a lasting legacy on the church.


You know, maybe it’s just the lingering childhood Catechism in my brain, but it kind of always unnerved me that right on the street, outside our most powerful economic epicenter, we built a LITERAL GODDAMN GOLDEN COW.


This guy needs to do a podcast with like Joe Rogan and Russell Brand. Maybe they could turn him on to DMT.


That is really cute coming from the gold-draped leader of an institution that any sane person, after thousands of years of insanity, bullshit and slaughter, has long stopped paying attention or giving any serious thought to.

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“Evangelii gaudium”, means “the joy of the gospel”. “Gadium” in this post is a typo.

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It’s a positive message from a powerful person. Given the times, let’s not "Yeah, but-’ it to death.


Sheesh. I thought it meant ‘Overdressed Marketer’. But Latin class was a long time ago…

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