Pope condemns the "wealthy few" who hoard the riches that "belongs to all"


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That Pope Francis,such a sense of humor.


I’m just a secular dude, but does anyone with clout really listen to the pope anymore?


Or Benjamin Franklin



Yes. Mainly outside the United States.


Isn’t the Pope sorta rich himself?


The Pope is such a Frakkin hypocrite. But, it has ever been so.


Kind of hilarious considering the kind of wealth and land the Catholic church has


You aren’t kidding. I just googled it and Wikipedia says the Catholic church has assets worth more than $140 billion. That’s insane.

What was also surprising is that (according to Wikipedia) the LDS church has even more.


Vatican City, eat your heart out:


wait a minute, if these rich keep growing ever fewer there’s not going to be enough to go around at the eat the rich buffet I’m throwing at the end of days.


I also have a problem on how much of their wealth and assets were obtained. Through conquest, genocide, erasure of indigenous culture and belief systems, etc.


The catholic church talking about unequal distribution of wealth is … rich.


His sermon last Sunday lamented the plight of exploited people, indigent people and migrants, blaming “the wealthy few” for hoarding the riches that “in justice, belongs to all”.

The sermon was delivered to 6,000 invited poor people

Kind of preaching to the choir on this one.


Sez the man who lives in an actual gilded palace.


Wow. The Mormons managed that without tons of Nazi gold.




For all the criticism that can be justly leveled at the Catholic Church, it is probably the largest charitable organization in the world. It’s difficult to get numbers but the Economist estimated that the Catholic Church spends more than $170 billion per annum for charitable causes just in the USA.

EDIT: because of pay-wall: Slate article referencing the original Economist article


Probably the only way they could get a crowd of any size that wouldn’t laugh at him saying that.


The Scientologists, with ~25K numbers have about $3B stashed away in property and off-shore funds.

I said Scientologists, but it’s really the personal horde of David Miscavige.