Pope: I don't support homophobic civic layabout Kim Davis

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Does that mean we can have our “cool pope” back, Xeni? >__<



I don’t know if that’s what the Vatican said… simply that no position was offered by the Pope because they did not enter into a discussion.

What wasn’t mentioned was that the Vatican embassy receiving line was a “closed invite” receiving line. She was there because she was asked to be there.


I haven’t seen her renounce her or anything though.

Wait, wait… does this mean a conservative made a public statement that wasn’t strictly true? How can that be?


Quite possibly! Or she was told it was to be an off the record thing, and she took it on the record.

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Nope sorry don’t buy this fan club apologists making up conspiracies that make no sense story.

The Vatican conservatives set the pope up to make him look more conservative so that what would happen? What would they gain from this conspiracy. Wouldn’t this just make him look better to the devout?

Maybe we just need to face the fact that while he is cool down to earth pope, he is still a pope.


reminded me of early Honey Huan


Even now I can believe he told Kim Davis to “stay strong”.

Then again I believe he also told the unnamed Cuban dissident who ran up to the Popemobile to “stay strong”. And that he told John Boehner to “stay strong”. And that he told Obama to “stay strong”.

It’s a phrase I suspect gets handed out at least as often as rosaries.


So I guess the linkbait translation of “[the Pope’s] meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” is “I don’t support homophobic civic layabout”.


I do not understand why this is such a controversy. The current Pope has been remarkably progressive at the same time being consistent to the core teachings of the church. As such it is no surprise, that he would at least meet with this woman.

Further, who would I most likely believe in this situation? The Pope.


I think that part of the job description for Pope is working closely with Homophobes, even if you don’t plan on personally prioritizing that agenda. I could totally see even “cool pope” telling someone to follow their conscience and stay strong, but she could follow her conscience and stay strong in her faith and also obey the law if she’d just resign from the damn job she’s already not doing

Guys, the Pope called gay marriage a “machination of the Father of Lies.”. His tone is more progressive, now, but he’s still 100% against marriage equality.


So basically the American top Catholics duped the less conservative Pope to endorse Kim Davis?


It sounds to me like he didn’t endorse her before, and didn’t un-endorse her now. He just met with her, like everyone else.


I’ve talked to friends of mine in Canada, Britain, and elsewhere and Kim Davis literally isn’t a blip on their radar outside of what Me and other Americans tell them. So the Pope nor his Handlers might not have realized an offhand ‘hey when life hands you lemons, beat people to death with the lemons’ would give her enough to go on at how the Pope supports her and give the bum fifteen more minutes.

Re the Popes stance on equality: Admittedly he isn’t supportive of homosexuality, but that’s deep seated dogma going on and even if he personally might view a thing as a way he can only do so much so fast. He is far more progressive than we have had in the past, but like all people, the Pope isn’t perfect.

Still, better than what we had.

The ‘gentleman’s agreement’ that “I’m on your side really but can’t publicly say so” is never intended as a resource to be drawn upon until after the dust has settled. But some recipients of such gifts are simply too dumb to realise that’s what it is, blab immediately, and thus earn the eternal contempt of the donor. These KD folk are political children. They shouldn’t be allowed out without an accompanying adult.


Quite true.

I just wish people would figure this pope out. He’s a nice guy, and he certainly wants people to be happy and in the light of Christ.

But he also is still the pope, and the position of the catholic church hasn’t changed, and gay people will still burn in hell forever if they do gay people things, and Satan did bring about gay marriage as a way to destroy people’s souls.

Yes, he’s nicer acting… but his office sends out the nastygrams that no one reads long after the “nice pope” story exits the media. His position is just like Benedict’s. Just he’s got a much better PR team.


Frankie & Benny - the ole Good Pope - Bad Pope double act.


His “personal view” is that gay marriage is part of Satan’s plan to corrupt humanity. His attempts to moderate the Church’s tone and focus on helping the poor is admirable, but I think people are projecting their own views onto him. He might not support Davis flouting the law, but he certainly supports her convictions against same-sex marriage.