Pope invites Bernie Sanders to Vatican to speak about "social, economic, and environmental" issues


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It’s a trap, Bernie! He knows you’re Jewish!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you when the auto-de-fe starts.


Oh man, as if I didn’t hear enough conservative Protestant criticism on the new Pope already…




And naked people painted on the ceiling of the church…


Auto-da-fé, what’s an auto-da-fé?

It’s what you oughtn’t to do, but you do anyway


The pictures of naked people at the Vatican are pretty tasteful.

If any church-ceiling-art is disturbing it’s probably the Duomo in Florence which depicts a bunch of demons raping the damned with flaming hot pokers.



Bernie Sanders is meeting with the Pope the same day Hillary Clinton is fundraising with a former Goldman Sachs executive.


Bosch is pretty hardcore, and while most of it is now in museums, it used to be in churches.



Everything about this story is just weird to me. Why Sanders? Why no other candidate? Why now? Is this being driven from the Vatican or from the Sanders side? What is the subtext here?



Yea, that shit is weird, man.
We were there in 2014 and seeing that stuff up close when you do the stairs is pretty bizarre. Also, we made the climb at 8am on a weekday in Sept and I still got super claustrophobic. I can’t imagine an afternoon in August.
Otherwise, Florence is pretty awesome… In fact, it’s damn beautiful.


…And this is why we’re seeing more and more frequent signs of desperation out of the Clinton camp. Funny how it smells like enflamed entitlement, though.


Must there always be a subtext?

Both are disgusted and appalled by today’s runaway inequality.

Why no other candidate? Because clearly, no other candidate shares that disgust.


That’s the name of my forthcoming book…


Not your new <a href=“https://bbs.boingboing.net/t/what-is-your-band-name-rapper-name-album-name/67032"target=”_blank">band name?


It’s America, can’t I do both! Fuck Yeah I can!


Nice bull moose!


Maybe not, but big orgs like the Vatican don’t do things without thinking through the public relations implications. Sure, the Pope is concerned about inequality, but is a high profile invitation to a US Presidential candidate during a campaign a good strategy for doing something about it? It seems a bit weird, is all I’m saying; unprecedented.