Popeyes new flounder sandwich for Lent comes with insurance option

Well, they weren’t in Quebec during the no-apostrophe phase of the sign language laws, so it’s not that.

And after that there are the people that only eat the parts of plants that would fall from them naturally.

There is also a split between the people who eat seeds and those who won’t (because doing that would kill ungerminated plants).


One of my friends from high school referred to the practice of quasi-observant Catholics avoiding meat on lent as “fire insurance.” Always thought that was a good line.


Chickens KNOW they are delicious.

Might want to watch your phrasing there

Just have to shoe horn this one in from the back pocket:

“Try my new Buffalo Bill’s moisturizer and get a free pair of stockings… you put the lotion on and you get the hoes!”

Did I misuse a hyphen? I don’t see your issue or joke, if there was one.

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I think about that short story all the time. I can’t remember where I first saw it, and I’m always a little surprised to see it referenced.

They are a company from Louisiana, a southern state with a Catholic majority…

Why is that surprising that they’d cater to that population?

Uh, Popeyes really being Pope Yes just might be a joke.

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I guess I’ll wait until I’m corrected? Jokes are not always clear, especially when there are plenty of people who legitimately believe that Catholic plots to take over America exist.



POPE YES is owned by a madrigal electromotive gmbh style tech company / commercial branding corporation intent on tracking you wherever you go, figuring out when you’re hungry and where the nearest sugar monger is located. Vigorously pro-roman-catholic indeed.

I laughed so hard at this. TY

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