Popular Science challenge: can you make it through the world’s hardest maze?


It seems like it should be even easier to solve than a regular maze. A depth first search tree would be pretty small given how few options you are presented with at each branch. Just have to watch out for loops.


Yeah, I did a search on the entire accessible graph by labeling each intersection with the colour I last visited so e.g. the top left corner was “A” but then depending if you just crossed the red, green, or yellow entrances you get “Ar”, “Ag”, and “Ay”… by drawing out the graph of connections as I went I was able to map the cycles.

There are I think less than 30 accessible nodes (which is pretty small considering there are 25 intersections), all of the cycles are pretty shallow, and there don’t seem to be any dead ends. It’s confusing, but not really hard.


Took me like 5-ish minutes. Cool maze.


There are places in the maze where you could touch a yellow dot, reverse direction, touch red, then do the same and touch green. Like at the very end (the final “intersection”), if you are allowed to double back the ending is pretty simple, the dots are there and you touch them in order.


I did it as a BFS to get the optimal path, but yeah, it’s pretty straightforward if you’re familiar with graph theory.


It’s the world’s hardest maze, but a solution is posted within one hour.

I would think the world’s hardest maze would be 3-dimensional. Pity four aren’t available.


Either we‘re all fucking brilliant or this isn’t actually the world’s hardest maze.

Spoiler: It’s the latter


This is correct, I’m not sure what is actually difficult as a maze here. There’s only a few actual choices along the way that can be gotten wrong.


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