Popular tattoos 5,000 years ago were sheep


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Or they could be the ancient Egyptian equivalent of…

Wait, no, that’s the Welsh.


As a big game hunter I take exception with their use of the term “bull”:

Male barbary sheep are RAMS, while female barbary sheep are EWES.



Rule 34…


Two different animals, two different tattoos:

…a barbary sheep and a bull for his upper right arm. While a sheep might not seem particularly fierce…The bull is a more obvious symbol…


Randall Munroe was right all along…


Well then. Good thing he didn’t shout “Baah Ram Ewe”…


As long as we are continuing the ancient and proud English tradition of calling the celtic peoples sheep lovers…

What is the difference between a Scotsman and the Rolling Stones?

The Stones are all, “Hey you, get off my cloud” and the Scotsman is all, “Hey McCloud get off my Ewe!”


Still popular!


Yeah, we fuck 'em you eat 'em. Enjoy. :joy:


Popular tattoos 5,000 years ago were sheep

Isn’t a sample size of one (1) a little thin to be making sweeping statements on?

Or [genuine question for the statisticians out there] is it legitimate to infer that sheep tattoos were actually popular because the only example we have includes a sheep, and therefore sheep must have been common/popular for this random example to have had one? Is that generalise-able for all small (but truly random) sample sets, or only the really old ones?


I have nothing truly constructive to add.


Or both the sheep and the S tattoos are meaningless and just happened to be included in the local artist’s sale on flash art.


Yep, I can tell that’s a sheep. Totally looks like a healthy, normal sheep.


Oh, they were that band that released “Tattoo Ewe”, right?


“You see that barn? I built that barn with me own two hands, a finer piece of work you’ll never find, but do they call me Angus the barn-builder? No!!”

“See those thatched cottages in the village? I thatched those roofs with my own hands, but do they call me Angus the thatcher? No!!”

“But you fuck one sheep…”


Oglaf (usually NSFW)


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