Portals of London: urban exploration to discover gateways to alternative universe

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ALL the portals are portals to alternate universes.
When I go through one I find myself now either outside or inside…
… and EVERYTHING is different in precisely that way.


If he finds one where Trump doesn’t exist, and the GOP care about something other than money, being racist, being sexist and themselves, I hope he sends word back. Or even just one where it rains donuts.


I have always loved the idea of urban exploration, buuut I live in Canada;
Old buildings (usually) have to be torn down instead of being left to rot.

(There’s usually a reason why a decrepit building is left standing: sometimes the owners want to leave it, or the municipality doesn’t have the budget that year if there isn’t a billable owner, etc)

I’ve always found the catalogue of UK entrances to Hell to be one of the most useful sites on the net: http://www.entrances2hell.co.uk/


Stupendous! I have no idea how Forgotten NY, Ghosts of DC, and dozens of similar blogs get by (and they do) without the veneer of baroque-ish whimsy and needless theater. How? Do? They? Do? It?

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